3 Vapes That Show Sequels Can Be Better Than The Original

There is an adage that says when a successful film gets a sequel it will generally be that little bit worse than the original. A band will struggle to follow up a great first album, the second season of a tv show won’t have the same impact as the first.

It’s just the law of diminishing returns, over time things will degrade and become weaker and weaker, you can’t have the same impact over and over again, sooner or later things taper out.

However in the vaporizer scene things are the exact opposite. It seems that each sequel iteration of a vaporizer leads to a net improvement. Each iteration of a vape is an improvement on the previous model.

Why is this? Simple, vape manufacturers listen to their audience; they want to build the best vapes they can for their customers and are willing to listen to their customer’s direct feedback. This relentless improvement means that you’ll never get a bad sequel from a vape!

The Arizer Solo 2

Arizer 2

The Arizer Solo 2 is a fantastic piece of kit, it is rapidly proving to be one of the finest vaporizers of 2017. It works much like its previous iteration but it has a harder punch, it lasts longer, and has more adjust ability than ever before. The Solo 2 has the same sort of stainless steel oven and ceramic heating set up as its predecessor. Arizer obviously don’t believe in fixing what isn’t broke; they kept this original format because of the amazing purity and flavor that it offers. For this same reason they have also carried over the concept of aroma tubes from the original; pre packed tubes that let you pre load your herbs for later use.

Everything about the Solo has been improved upon and polished in the Solo 2. The entire design of this new vape has been deconstructed and analyzed from the ground up. While the original  used LEDs on the front to indicate the temperature level of the device, the Solo 2 has a full LCD display that gives you loads of information in a clear and concise way. Another improvement can be found in the temperature control. It is much more precise allowing you to jump up and down in exact increments.

The Pax 3

Pax 3 portable vape
Three is a funny number in series, even if the first two films are good, the third one is where everything falls apart. Again, this is proven to not be the case in the world of portable vapes. The Pax 3 is one of the best vaporizers you can get. It features the quickest heat of time of any Pax units, it has an almost immediate heat up time! The battery life is far, far better than the Pax 2, taking this vape out is fantastic, you’ll never have to worry about your vape experience being interrupted til you get home!

The Pax 3 is a dual use vape, this means that it can vape both dry herb and concentrates, letting you mix up your vaping experience whenever you want.

Firefly 2

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2  has 6 temperature settings that can be controlled both by side-mounted sensors, and by a smartphone app that interfaces with the vapor through a bluetooth connection. The Firefly 2 is less than half the weight and two thirds the size of the original Firefly. The chamber of the firefly is held shut with a clever magnetic clasp so you never have to worry about leakage. The borosilicate glass vapor path means that every hit you take will be 100% fresh and clean with no chemical aftertaste. The Firefly’s unique dynamic convection tech only heats your material as you inhale, this allows you to enjoy the flavor and quality of your vape as they are released.