Are Dab Containers Necessary for Storing Concentrates?

If you have never seen a “dab” before they are a sticky waxy consistency usually called shatter, wax, or concentrates. Sometimes seen in parchment paper as it is harder to stick to, but dab containers are an easier and more convenient way in storing your concentrates while still providing a non-stick surface. Not many materials are ideal for transporting your dabs, but not to worry we will offer you some of the best options for dab containers. 

If all you do is dab it is essential to have a good container as it will help with odor, sticky messes and lead to less wasted product. Also, as mentioned previously, concentrates are a waxy substance, that means it can easily melt in high temperatures. Having a closed container can ensure your concentrates will not melt and stay fresh until used again. 

dab container

In order to save the length of your concentrates and get the most for your money, you'll want to have the right storage methods as well as the right concentrate storage containers to get the most of your material. We will walk through some tips to store your concentrates and which containers may be best for your needs. 

How long can concentrates be stored?

Traditionally you would get your concentrates and fold them up in parchment paper to store and transport them. This would allow for air, moisture, and other environmental factors to degrade the consistency and quality of your concentrate. This method would make you use up your concentrates in a couple of days where using a container can stretch that into a few months. 

Of course, there are many variables when it comes to the longevity of your concentrates, the strain or quality of your concentrate, storing them, and outside factors. The best way to ensure that you can get up to 10 months to even a year of freshness from your concentrate is to properly store them. Rule of thumb, keep them in a cool dark place with little moisture to preserve and ensure freshness. 

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Long term storage

Let’s be honest most times when you buy your concentrates they won't last you over a couple of weeks...usually. There are exceptions, and for those exceptions, you will want to take your concentrate in your parchment paper and place it in an airtight container. 

The best containers for this are darker opaque ones so no light can get through, this is usually your stainless steel or silicone dab containers. You may even go as far as freezing your concentrates, of course, will take more precaution as you do not want them developing excess moisture. For freezing, you may want to store them in a vacuum sealed container, but allowing your concentrates to stay in a cool, dark, dry place can be just as effective with less work.

Short term storage

Concentrates still can break down their potency in a short amount of time so storing them correctly from the beginning will allow you to get the most potency from your concentrate. Most commonly you will see silicone concentrate containers like the High life jars, but they also come in glass and stainless steel. Most short-term storage containers are going to range on the smaller size as you will not have that much to store, usually holding between 1 to 3 grams of concentrates. 

How to choose the right dab container?

Choosing the right container for your concentrates can be crucial in preserving the flavor and potency of your material. You will also want to ensure that the container you are picking is not just the best looking one but has a non-stick material on the inside, as we know wax and shatter will stick to everything. 

When choosing a container you should be looking for high-quality material but it is also about personal preference as you will be carrying this around with you. Dab containers come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors you will want to choose the right one off of your needs. 

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Silicone dab containers 

silicone dab container

These are the most popular containers as they are the most affordable and are always non-stick making them an easy decision. They are also opaque meaning that they will not let light through and will help preserve your concentrate. The only downside to silicone is that they are not airtight so these are best for short time storing and traveling. 

Glass dab containers

Glass is of course much more durable than silicone, but when traveling may not be the best as it can also break if dropped. Glass is great for long time storing as it will not change the flavor of your concentrate by leaking any by products like plastics or silicone. As long as you place your glass in a dark area your concentrates will keep their freshness. 

Multi slot containers

If you are a dab enthusiast and like to experiment with different strains this is the container for you. Usually made out of silicone these multislot containers are exactly what they sound like, they have different pockets in one container. For example, this Higher Standards container has 5 slots, but there are also smaller ones like the Piranha that has 2. 

Can you dab out of a silicone container?

The short answer is yes.

It is always a hassle when you try using your dabbing tool to scrape out the last little bit of concentrate and can’t. So to help resolve the issue and allow you to get every last bit of your concentrate you can use a nectar collector like this one from The Happy Kit that has everything you need for on the go. These are great as you do not scrape anything out, instead, you put the heated tip straight into your container. 

When smoking straight out of a silicone container you’ll want to make sure that the tip of the nectar collector is not too hot. You will want the tip around 450°F as the silicone can withstand up to 600°F it is better to stay away from higher temperatures with silicone. 

You don’t have to wait until your concentrate is almost gone. You can use the nectar collector when there is still plenty of product in your container, just ensure that when you are smoking it you have pushed what you wanted to the side in order to not use up all of your concentrates. 

Final Thoughts

Concentrates can be stored in many different ways, as we have discussed above. The best way to store and transport your concentrates is in a container. Putting them in a tightly sealed and durable container can ensure the longevity and freshness of your concentrates. There are a variety of options to choose from whether it is glass or silicone, large or small, multi storage or single. 

Picking the best one for your needs will be based on what you use it for and how quickly you go through your concentrates. The cheapest options are silicone, they are also the best option if you are looking for short term use and only need it for storing concentrates for less than a week. For longer term storage and more durability in your containers, the glass dab wax containers are the way to go. No matter what you pick dab containers are necessary for preserving your concentrates.