Best of 2021 : Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrates are starting to rule the world, with many more people making the switch. Dry Herbs will always have a place in the herbal community, but Concentrates are becoming more and more popular for their ability to get you higher with less and saving yourself money in the long run. Many long time herb users switch to concentrates and they say it’s like the first time.  

As a result, we’ve seen a huge rise in the number of concentrate vaporizers, as well as concentrate compatible accessories being released for existing models. 

We’ve got three of our highest selling vaporizers to talk about today and each one is incredibly different. We have a complete range of concentrate functionality here on this list and by the end I think you’ll learn a little more about what it takes to vaporize some concentrates.

Firstly, with the Mighty, we have what was traditionally a Dry Herb vaporizer but turned into a fantastic concentrate vaporizer by using a new, commonly made accessory in the vaporizer market: The Concentrate Pad. The concentrate pad is simply pushed into the chamber and the concentrate placed on the pad which’ll keep the vaporizer safe while the wax or oil is vaporizing.

We also have the Dr. Dabber Boost, which is a vaporizing, portable, electronic dabbing room. The ultimate convenience if you want full, water filtered dabs.

And finally we're bringing you the Shatterizer; a magnificent piece of design that has revolutionized the world of concentrate vaporizers!

Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty isn’t by any shape or form a new vaporizer. Manufactured in 2007, the Mighty vaporizer has proven to be one of the greatest vaporizers ever constructed. It was one of the first to truly perfect hybrid heat. The Mighty vaporizer’s combination of taste and efficiency has kept it at the forefront of the vaporization market all these years. It was only a matter of time before Storz and Bickel brought this power to the world of concentrates.

Vaporizers gaining the ability to vape waxes and oils through accessories isn’t anything new. The Firefly 2 and the Haze 3 also brought out similar accessories when the concentrate craze began to take hold, but neither of those vapes are the Mighty. As you’d expect, the Mighty aims to surpass all of these other concentrate vaporizers in terms of flavor and power.

The Mighty vapes concentrates through the accessory known as a concentrate pad. These are small, little steel wire discs that fit snugly into the circular chamber of the vape. What you’d normally do is place a small bead of concentrate on top of the pad which sticks to the wires and remains there firmly as long as you don’t plan to spin your vape upside down.

As you’d imagine, the result on this combo is absolutely incredible. The Mighty’s trademark hybrid oven gives your concentrates a beautiful toasty taste. It’s a taste other concentrate vaporizers that have been forced to rely on ceramics and quartz heating elements have struggled to match. This vapor is then of course brought through the Mighty’s cooling unit which brings the temperature of the vapor down to a nice, smooth hit. The result is a great vaping experience.

Something has to be said for the Mighty’s resilience. Just one small accessory is enough to turn this dry herb monster into a concentrate steamroller. It goes to show what the right kind of technology and thought-out design can do in the first place.

If you haven’t picked yourself up a Mighty yet then you may want to seriously consider it because this vaporizer has been around for years and the quality that has kept it in that position hasn’t wavered at all. Even when compared to the other, newer competition, you can see how the Mighty has been reigning supreme for so long.

The concentrate pad that the Mighty, and coincidentally the Crafty, works off of is incredibly well made. It’s a disc of tightly woven stainless steel made to a food grade standard. They slip right into the chamber of the vape. A slight push presses them into the vaporizer, keeping it sturdy.

As a rule, it’s usually a very bad idea to put another make of concentrate pad into another vaporizer. For example, putting the Firefly 2’s concentrate pad into the Mighty would damage both the vape and the pad. Concentrate pads are created specifically for their brand of vape. Density, Wire Gauge, and Puck Thickness all matter when it comes to vapes, and using the wrong pad could ruin it or the vaporizer.

Vaporizer pads even soften when exposed to the kind of heat produced in a vaporizer oven so it’s definitely important to match the brand of vaporizer to the concentrate pads or you may do some real damage to your unit.

The Dr. Dabber Boost is one of the better manufactured models in the new rise of portable dab rigs. Perfect for your concentrates, and small enough to slip into a bag. Everything you’d hope to get out of a dabber on the go is right here. Now, no matter where you are, vaporizing your concentrates has never been easier.

Let’s first get into the way the vape is built. Design wise, it’s incredibly simple but efficient. All of the power and wiring is stored in the cylindrical body. The base is a charging port and the main body of the vape can be removed so it can be carried around. At the very top of the body is the atomizer which you place the external nail over.

The nails that come with the vape are made with ceramics, quartz, or titanium, which gives you the power to get whatever specific tastes you're looking for from the device. After that, the water tool goes around the nail.

The water tool strips down what a regular dabbing rig needs to be within what is mostly just the tube. They did, however, manage to find room for a percolator, which really helps with the diffusion.

As for the actual functionality, it does take a small learning curve, but really just a good read of the instructions should give you an idea of what you’re working with, and from there you’ll be swimming in concentrates.

The Dr. Dabber Boost puts out some amazing vapor. All of the tools are there to vape easily once it’s been assembled and heated. The vape comes with it's own dab tools and carb caps to make things so much easier. What isn't there to love about this concentrate vaporizer? It has all the functionality of a typical dab rig, and then so much more.

Firstly, dab rigs can’t change their nails this easily and are even then resigned to usually using borosilicate glass or titanium. The quartz and ceramics are a massive bonus here.

Also the fact that it’s so simple to hold with one hand and take around your house is something that only the smallest dab rigs are able to come close to. Once you grab hold of the body and take it where you want you’ll realize how comfortable it is.

Why would you choose a regular, torch-lit, difficult to carry water piece over this on-demand, all-in-one, powerful vaping station? Getting it with a carrying case takes the portability to the next level; if you’re heading to a party of a festival, you know you will constantly have on-demand vaping.

It might not be the kind of vaporizer you’d stick in your pocket, but if you have room to pack it for a long trip it’ll definitely be the first thing you’ll grab.


The Shatterizer is a newer model that we definitely wanted to mention on this list. The Shatterizer, in order to be your go-to concentrate vaporizer throughout the day, aims to be packed full of as many features as possible while also being incredibly easy to use.

Firstly, it features a one-button system. Very easy and intuitive to use. The second you pull it out of your pocket you’ll be good to go! The design of this vape is, again, simple but effective. It’s just a small metal tube, no larger than a packet of mints, that ends in a large borosilicate glass bowl.

It acts as a basic nail as if from a dabbing rig, but can easily and safely hold all of the wax even before heating. No waiting around and no hassle! The build materials are top notch.

The atomizer is dual quartz while the spherical chamber is made from science-grade borosilicate glass. The main body of the vape is also made of metal and is small enough to fit comfortably in your hand. It’s very portable in the sense that it’s small, but it’s also quite eyecatching so be careful where you use it!

A real nice extra that Shatterizer has brought out tied to this product is the inclusion of their magnetic container that can attach to the base of their vape. The magnets are strong, so the container will not just come off while it’s being transported, but it can still be removed easily enough. It’s a tremendously convenient thing to have right there at the end of your vaporizer!

They’ve managed to fit an exceptional amount of efficiency and power into what is essentially one of the smallest concentrate vaporizers we’ve ever seen. The Vaporizer takes only 3 hours to charge but, to our amazement, can last a whole 2 days of casual vaping before it’ll shut down.

The realms of possibilities just opened up. While a vape time that long, this could be the next great vaporizer to take with you on camping trips and festivals.

One exceptional thing you’ve got to try with this vape. See, normally with concentrate vaporizers the bowl is too small to do anything with the remnants of your vape, so your best option is just to clean them. Since the Shatterizer works off of a nail-like bowl, a lot of reclaim clings to the glass and dries which can be scraped off before a full clean.

This will give you a little something extra to put into bongs and blunts and other types of sessions. A regular supply of recycled reclaim is a huge bonus on this vaporizer and is something most vaporizers are physically incapable of doing, including the others on this list.

In Conclusion

These three vaporizers give you a good image of what you’re in for when you enter the world of vaping concentrates. If you happen to already own something like the Mighty already then just picking up the relative accessory will give you access to concentrates. The Concentrates pads don’t cost that much and they come in packs of four so it doesn’t hurt to give it a go. If you don’t have a Mighty then you’ll be surprised just how many vapes are capable of using concentrate pads. These include the Firefly 2 as well as the Vapir Prima. Also, other vapes are capable of vaping concentrates through a jar-like accessory, such as the Pax 3.

We also saw the Dr. Dabber, which is one of the few brand of vaporizer whose opted for a more dab rig approach, but still does qualify as a vaporizer. With their design they offer big hitting clouds and a portability that rarely comes with concentrates that can’t be beat.

Finally we talked about the Shatterizer which is a fantastically unique new concentrate model that hit the market recently, and we’re really excited by it. It’s so small but so powerful and there’s a lot more to this vaporizer that might originally meet the eye.

All in all, it’s a great time to be a herbal consumer and a fan of concentrates at the same time because the technology is now catching up and every week is a new device or accessory that may change the way you enjoy concentrates for the better.