Best way to smoke oils | Vaping or Dabbing


Everybody likes to try new things in life and smoking or dabbing concentrates and oils is one of the new things.  If done correctly you could have a marvelous time, but if don't do it the right way smoking oils can literally set the catch amongst the pigeons.

Most people who decide that they want to try concentrates are simply looking for a more powerful experience compared to what they would traditionally be accustomed to.

The big problem is, for first-timers, you may overdo it and have a nasty experience that you won't forget any time soon. But if you are educated about the techniques to use you may avoid some of the pitfalls


One of the most effective ways to consume your oils via the method known as dabbing.  What this means is you vaporize your oils or concentrates on a hot surface, and then proceed to inhale them through a device called an 'Oil Rig'. The oil rig is essentially a specialized pipe that facilities the whole dabbing process.  People from an older generation, or dare I say it hippies,  would be more familiar with the term 'knife hit' which basically is the same method as dabbing. 

A dabber needs to use a butane torch, and I do realize that for first-time dabbers that this can be quite intimidating, but once you play it safe, and get the hang of the torch you shouldn't encounter many issues.

Once you have your torch ready you need to heat up the nail where your concentrates are placed, and this allows them to dab their materials onto the heated surface. 
In a perfect world, the temperature should be between 550 and 750 degrees. An important point to note is that the higher the temperature the more vaporization will be caused, but conversely, the lower the temperature the fewer vapors you'll receive. 

Of course, the cost of Dab Rigs can vary anything from 50$ right up to a few thousand dollars for the most elite high-end dabs. Dabs have become extremely popular over this last number of years due to the enhanced extraction methods. With some machines providing elite level extraction this has led to an explosion of herbal concentrates across the marketplace. 


The reason why vaping concentrates and oils is so popular is because of the portability of the units. Vaporizers allow you a discreet experience that you'll be able to enjoy in the comfort of your own home or even out in public. 

The majority of vaporizers utilize lithium-ion battery's which can be replaced at any time. The one button activation system on many of the vaporizers makes them very user-friendly.

Another factor in favor of vaping concentrates is that you won't have any dirty smells following you around.  The smoke from the vape pens doesn't linger in the air, and so, this is another huge mark in the favor vaping. 

And in comparison smoking, you won't have to contend with taking 10 to 15 minutes to have a rolled, with vaping all you have to do is put a single dab into your pen and you'll be vaping those delicious aromas into you in a matter of seconds.

Advanced temperature control mechanisms ensure that your concentrates are always ready for action, and at a temperature that suits your own personal needs. Nowadays, wax pens are very powerful and reliable and provide a level of discretion and portability that you never hope to obtain with a Dab Rig.

The thing that I really love about using pens for your concentrates is that these pens allow you more overall control over your material- its not like a dab rig where you could be on the receiving end of a hit that would blast you off into orbit, but with vaping you have a level of control that previously might have been unattainable. 

With vaporizing as soon as you the concentrates are in the machine it is you that is the boss, you that is in control, and you that can adjust the level of your buzz to suit your own specific needs. Overall, vaping is a fantastic way to concentrate aficionados and newbies alike to enjoy their product.