Vape Review: Da Buddha, Simplicity’s Strength for Desktop Vapes

While the desktop vaporizer market isn't quite as saturated with variety and model differences as the portable vape market is, there’s still a lot of choice out there – some of which get really fancy.

Desktop vapes these days have digital screens, all kinds of attachments, options for whip or bag operation, remote controls, and more – but what should you be looking at if you’d rather keep it simple?

7th Floor, manufacturer of the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha desktop vapes has the answers – and this week, we’re looking at one of them; arguably the best simple desktop on the market, Da Buddha.

DaBuddha by 7th Floor - Desktop Vaporizer | Namaste Vapes

What Is It?

Da Buddha is a solid, simple desktop vape designed to be used with a single whip or draw tube. The body of the unit is high quality aluminum, uses a ceramic heating element, and comes with a whip attached to the blend chamber wand – the wand is entirely glass constructed. It’s inexpensive, well-made, works fairly well once you get used to the controls.

The Good

Da Buddha’s greatness comes from doing a single job, and doing it well; letting users have minute control over how hot the unit gets, and delivering great vapor quality from there.

It’s constructed very well – thick aluminum and a glass wand make it hard to go wrong – and as such, once you’ve figured out your ideal setting, it provides a very reliable volume and quality of vapor every time you heat it up.

The Not So Good

Like other simple units, the major concern for most people is a lack of feedback. We spoke about this before, when reviewing the Firefly portable vape – without a screen, and with the radio dial the unit uses for control, there’s fiddling to be done before you get to your preferred temperature.

While this may seem ideal in terms of micromanaging the unit’s performance, it’s likely you’ll end up with a certain amount of burnt blend before you’ve found the sweet spots. Most people recommend setting the dial between 12 o’clock and 2 o’clock as the best range to compensate for this – just be cautious if you prefer a hotter vapor.

Who Should Use It?

Da Buddha’s simplicity might be appealing, but like the Firefly portable vaporizer, this is definitely best suited to someone willing to get used to the delicate settings and lack of direction – if you’re a hobby vape user who enjoys the process of vaping as much as the result, this might be your perfect desktop unit.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this or any other unit we offer.