Firefly 2 V The Crafty

The Firefly 2 and Crafty is discontinued and replaced by the Firefly 2 plus and Crafty Plus respectively !. Other Firelfy and Crafty Vaporizers can be found here: Firefly Vaporizer, Storz and Bickel

The Firefly 2 and the Crafty are two superb pieces of vaporizing merchandise. Both are excellently crafted and provide users with a reliable and consistent vaporizing experience. Whilst the Crafty is a slightly bigger vaporizer- it still is quite neat and tidy for the size of it. The thing that makes the Crafty stand out is the sublime vapes that it delivers. On the other hand, the Firefly 2, is a portable dry herb vaporizer that somehow manages to match the overall efficiency of a desktop.

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With the Firefly 2 you're getting your hands on a vaporizer that is an elite level device in the vaporizing world. The Firefly 2 is a brother of the original Firefly which became an iconic piece of equipment- a must have for any herbal diehard. Somehow the Firefly 2 has managed to surpass the greatness of the original. This vape truly is a unit original in conception and performance.

In this blog, I will attempt to analyze the pros and cons of each device, and ultimately, I will try to determine which is the superior vape. Obviously, the task I have set myself is going to be extremely difficult when you take into account the outstanding overall performance of each portable. But in spite of all of the difficulties, I will try my best to find out which vaporizer reigns supreme amongst the Kingdom of Vapes.

Firefly 2

When the original Firefly came out everyone was blown away by its performance, but with the Firefly 2 this performance has been raised to a whole new level. The older model had a pretty rapid heat up time, but the Firefly 2 is even quicker heating up in under 5 seconds.

The Firefly 2 is a device which is quicker, lighter, and more efficient than most of the other portable devices out there in the marketplace. What separates the Firefly 2 from the competition is the premium, on-demand vapes that you'll receive. With this unit there'll be no more waiting around for a few minutes until your ready for your herbs- you'll have on-demand access to herbal bliss in a matter of seconds. 


The Firefly 2 is crafted using magnesium alloy and this results in the device being far lighter and more portable than many others vapes. The Firefly also comes with two extra batteries which ensure that you'll always have a ready supply of power to fit into your machine. What really impresses me about the Firefly is the 6 different temperature settings that you can adjust depending on what substance you're vaping.

Another reason why the Firefly 2 is so effective is that the vape utilizes convection technology that only heats up your herbs when you're hitting it. What this feature results in is zero wastage, and the maximum level of productivity from your herbs. Aesthetically, The Firefly 2 also looks superb with the fiery glow inside offering a comforting homely experience.

The Crafty

The Crafty is a portable convection vaporizer that produces some of the highest quality vapes in the world. The look, feel, and design, of the Crafty, exudes a sense of class and charisma. One of the reasons why the Crafty is so popular is its simplicity, but with simplicity comes real performance- and this is what you get with the Crafty. 

The unit manages to pack a decent amount of herbs which results in none stop uninterrupted vaping heaven. The last thing anyone wants is being forced into continually packing your vape, but this isn't the case when it comes to the Crafty.


The Crafty comes equipped with two separate temperature settings which you can change from any temp ranging from 104 to 410F. The machine usually takes just under two minutes to heat up fully, which isn't the fastest out of the blocks, but it's more than worth the wait. Once the device is heated up it vibrates and lets you know that's its ready for action.

I've found that the draws from the Crafty are long, consistent, and incredibly delicious. Unlike other vaporizers, which can produce a real harsh vape, the Crafty manages to produce delicious tasting vapes again and again. The Crafty also comes with a strong battery which can last for nearly an hour of continuous use, and so, you and your herbs will never be interrupted in mid-flow.


The Crafty and the Firefly 2 are not only excellent vaporizers they're mind-blowing vaporizers that will take your experience to the next level. The days of you having to use some ancient vaporizer that combusted your herbs and gave you a second-rate experience are over. What you get when you purchase a Crafty or a Firefly 2 is a vape of superior quality and superior service. The rapid heat up system of the Firefly 2 is a tremendous invention and this is what makes the vaporizer stand out in the vaping world. 

Ok, so the big question that we'll need to answer is- which one is the best? For me, I'd have to side with the Firefly 2 Vaporizer because of its overall size, weight, and efficiency. Now, that's not to criticize the Crafty which is a tremendous invention in its own right, it's just that the Firefly 2 manages to pip the Crafty to the victory post. 

What won it for me was the Firefly 2's ability to provide you with your own little bit of vaping heaven, but without sacrificing discretion. With the Firefly 2, you can take this vape out into the supermarket, in a nightclub, or wherever, and it would still look very cool and professional looking.

On the other hand, I found that the Crafty whilst being an incredible machine that it was just a little too bulky. Now, I'm not criticizing the Crafty, all I'm saying is that it's bigger than the Firefly 2 and less concealable. For some people, this bigger size may suit them perfectly- with the bulkier vape giving off the aura of dominance and control. But on this occasion, there is only going to be one winner and it has to be the Firefly 2 Vaporizer.

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