G Pen Elite Vape: YOUR 6 Minute Review

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by flashy tech, the proliferation of features, and esoteric designs that can dominate a lot of the more prominent vapes out there. What if you want something that just works, that just offers solid vaping, decent battery life, and is easy to use? Well, in that case you might be looking for the G Pen Elite.

Grenco Science are one of the OG vape companies, they know exactly how to design a solid, reliable vape that won't break the bank. That’s why for years, newbie vape fans have made their first steps into the vape scene with a Grenco vape.

Does the G Pen Elite live up to this legacy? Is it worth your time and money? To figure this out we broke down everything you need to know about this vape and wrote it up into a handy review that you can get through in about six minutes. 

G Pen Elite: Answering All Your Questions about Tech Specs (and What’s in the Box)

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common questions people ask about the G Pen Elite vaporizer:

1. How much does the G Pen Elite cost?

Over at Namaste Vapes, we have the Boundless G Pen Elite for $119.99 with free shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

2. What can you vape with G Pen Elite?

The G Pen Elite is purpose built for use with ground dry herb. It isn’t compatible with concentrates in any form. 

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3. How big is the G Pen Elite?

The G Pen Elite is a neat and discreet little vaporizer pen, measuring in at 1.25" x 9" x 4.25". This is the perfect vaporizer for carrying about in your pocket or bag. 

4. How much does the G Pen Elite weigh?

This is no surprise, but the G Pen Elite is as light as it is compact, weighing in at little more than 88g. It's easy to carry and comfortable to use, a must for compact pen vapes. 

5. How big is the G Pen Elite’s oven chamber?

Don’t let the G Pen Elite’s compact size worry you too much, it has a pretty impressive herb chamber. It can hold a decent 0.75g of ground dry herb. This is more than enough for a long session, or sharing with a couple of friends. 

6. What's the G Pen Elite heating system?

The G Pen Elite features a convection heating system. Don’t worry, this isn't’ a throw back to the bad old days of hotspots and inconsistent vapor. The G Pen has a 360 degree convection heating system that applies heat evenly across all of your herb’s surface area. This is the next step in convection heating evolution! 

7. Which battery does the G Pen Elite use?

The G Pen Elite features a respectable 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery. The perfect power source for a vape of this size. 

8. How long does the G Pen Elite battery last?

Thanks to its solid battery, you can get a surprising amount of use out of the G Pen Elite. On a full charge, you can expect up to two hours of continuous use from the G Pen.

9. How long does the G Pen Elite take to charge?

When the G Pen Elite’s battery does eventually run down, you can charge it back up in around three hours. Thankfully, it comes with pass-through charging, so you can continue to use it as you top the battery up.

10. What’s the temperature range of the G Pen Elite?

The G Pen Elite has a pretty standard temperature array for a portable vaporizer. Stretching from 200-428°F. It’s good to see that it falls in line with its peers, but it’s also nothing to get too excited about. 

11. How does the G Pen Elite display temperature?

Amazingly for a vaporizer this compact, the G Pen Elite features a full display. Mounted on the side of the unit, the LED display clearly shows everything from the device’s battery life to the currently selected temperature. 

12. Does the G Pen Elite have an auto shutoff feature?

The G Pen Elite has a handy auto shutoff feature that kicks in after about five minutes. So don’t worry about forgetting to turn it off and wasting battery life and your precious herb! 

13. Does the G Pen Elite come with a smartphone app?

The G Pen Elite doesn’t feature Smartphone connectivity. 

14. Does the G Pen Elite have a warranty?

The G Pen features a one year warranty on all of its electronic components. 

G Pen Elite Vape: What's In The Box

  • 1 x G Pen Elite Vaporizer
  • 1 x G Grinder Card
  • 1 x G Pen Tool
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x G Cleaning Brush

How Does The G Pen Elite Work?

At first glance, nearly every vaporizer can seem like a proverbial black box. On top of that, a lot of them also tend to be literal black boxes. However, there’s no real mystery about what’s going on inside most vaporizers. If we crack them open and take a look at the fundamentals, they tend to be pretty straightforward. So, let's open up the G Pen Elite, and take a look at what makes it tick. 

1. The G Pen Elite Vaporizer Heating System

As we mentioned above, the G Pen Elite features a convection heating system. For some veteran vapers this might initially look like a red flag. Back when vaping was in its infancy, convection vaping was infamous for hotspots, uneven heating, and even combustion!

Don’t worry, the G Pen Elite is on another level. It features an advanced 360 degree convection heating system. This means that rather than the heating system having a single contact point, it totally surrounds your herb! This means that it acts on the entire surface area of your herb. This means that you can enjoy dense, consistent vapor without having to push your heating system hard. 

2. Loading The G Pen Elite

Loading the G Pen Elite is simple. To start, remove the mouthpiece from the top of the vaporizer. This will expose the chamber. Then, carefully decant your herb into the chamber, be careful not to spill any or to over pack the chamber. Then, snap the lid back onto the chamber and you’re ready to vape! It’s as simple as that!

3. Turning On The G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite features a simple, three button control scheme. This is fairly typical of vapes of this type as large control systems can make vaporizers unwieldy. To activate the G Pen Elite, press the power button on the front of the unit five times to turn it on. 

4. Setting the Temperature on the G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite keeps things compact, simple, and straight forward. Mounted above the LED screen are two buttons, one indicating up and one down. These are everything you need to control the temperature settings to a surprisingly precise degree! 

5. Hitting The G Pen Elite Vape

The G Pen Elite is about as straightforward as it can get when it comes to taking hits. The mouthpiece is part of the overall body of the vape, so you don’t have to worry about folding or unfolding anything when you want a hit. Simply wait till it reaches vaping temperature and then take a great big hit. It has a very low draw resistance, which makes it perfect for short, sharp hits. This might be among the best vapes for first time users. 

How’s the G Pen Elite’s Vapor Quality?

The Elite delivers some pretty solid vapor quality. Its hits are smooth, cool, and flavorful. Despite its small size, the Elite has some surprisingly good cooling. This is because the chamber is located towards the bottom of the device, as far away from the mouthpiece as possible. Nearly any user will be able to get decent vapor out of this device. It isn’t too picky when it comes to temperature settings, it will yield good results whatever the temperature. 

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Tips for Getting the Best Vapor Quality With the G Pen Elite

The ‘Best’ vapor quality is a pretty subjective concept. For some people, the best vapor quality could mean a mild, thin vapor that is packed with flavor. For these people, lower temperature settings are ideal. Some people love thick, dense, and solid hits. To get these, push the temperature setting up!

Thankfully, the G Pen Elite is a solid vaporizer that yields decent vapor regardless of the temperature it is set to. 

Regardless of how you like your vapor quality, it's important to pay attention to the grind of your herb. You want a medium consistency and a semi-dense pack. This will expose the maximum amount of surface area to the heating system, producing more consistent vapor. 

Is the G Pen Elite Easy to Clean?

While vapes are generally considered one of the cleanest ways to enjoy dry herb, they’ll still need maintenance from time to time. This is because when herb is subjected to heat it can release a resin that can build up into patches of grime over time. 

Cleaning the Elite is thankfully very easy to clean. All you need to worry about is the heating chamber, and the mouthpiece..

To clean the heating chamber get a q tip and dip it in isopropyl alcohol. Use this to gently wipe down the inside of the chamber. If you come across any stubborn patches of grime, break them up with a soft bristled brush. Cleaning the mouthpiece out is just as easy, take another q tip dipped in alcohol and use it to carefully wipe it out. Make sure to clear any blockages!

Finally, set the Elite to cycle through a heating cycle. This will evaporate any left over alcohol residue. If in doubt, put it through two cycles. It’s always better to make sure you’ve cleared it all out, otherwise it could ruin your next session. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of the G Pen Elite Vape?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the major advantages (and drawbacks) of the G Pen Elite:

G Pen Elite PROS G Pen Elite CONS
Broad, easy to read screen Lacking in many features 
Great controls Underwhelming cloud production
Flavorful vapor Battery life is average
Easy to read screen No smartphone compatibility at all
Decent conduction heating Heating still isn’t quite as consistent as convection

So Is the G Pen Elite Vaporizer worth It?

The G Pen Elite is a solid vaporizer, while it will never come close to the vapor quality produced by premium vaporizers, it still offers some fantastic hits at a reasonable price. One of its main draws is its comfortable size, allowing it to fit comfortably into any pocket or bag.

Despite its small size, it hasn’t sacrificed much in terms of power or functionality. It features a fantastic, easy to read display and a full control system. While it does rely on conduction heating it has shed a lot of the red flags associated with early vapes thanks to its innovative 360 degree heating. Overall, this is a solid vaporizer for its price. 

Who Should Buy the G Pen Elite Vaporizer?

The G Pen Elite is a really solid starter vape. It’s affordable price, rugged construction, solid design, and affordable price make it a great first step that you can keep using well into your intermediate period. More experienced vapers won’t be let down by the Elite, but they may find that many of its features are a bit basic.

If you want convection heating, advanced controls, and a smartphone app, then you might want to splash out on a more premium vaporizer. Of course, if you’re looking for a sturdy intermediate vape to add to your collection to bring to parties and festivals, then the Elite fills that niche perfectly. 

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