Pax 2 Vaporizer: The Forgotten Pax

For the last number of years Pax Vaporizers have been dominating the vape game, currently in its third incarnation it’s easy to forget about the Pax 2. Rather than disappear into the mists of the past the Pax 2 vaporizer continues to be a reliable vape that people can rely on. It offers users a superb experience that is inexpensive while still being one of the best on the market.

This vaporizer is a convenient, light, and very durable vaporizer that is perfect for both beginners and veteran vapers. The Pax 3 is the top tier for sure, but the Pax 2 can provide everything you need at a much more affordable price.

Pax 2 Vaporizer

Subtle Design of a PAX 2

The Pax 2 vaporizer is very small and light and has a great design. It only weighs around 90 grams and fits comfortably into the hand. Added to that it’s easy to fill the chamber and get it ready for vaping. All types of dried product are usable with this vaporizer. The heating chamber is made with stainless steel which is extremely conducive to getting great vapor every time. The outer coating is made from a crushed metal that offers subtle gripping in the palm.

The mouthpiece too provides the perfect amount of resistance for great draws. On the body of the vaporizer sits the power button so well embedded you’d almost miss it. It just goes to show you how well the Pax 2 vaporizer has been designed.

Vaporizer Heating Set Up

The Pax 2 vaporizer uses a conduction heating system and get to optimal temperatures in 45 seconds. Only taking around 90 minutes to charge it can then last for almost 2 hours of battery life. With four preconfigured temperature levels it takes no time at all to have a great vape session.

The heating chamber was a vast improvement from the original, featuring a deeper stainless-steel oven. It’s a little narrower than the original Pax but because of this design your dried products get more evenly heated. Whenever you’re packing in your vaporizer it’s advisable to really pack it in as this will give you optimal results. The Pax 2 can hold around .35 grams depending on how fine you grind your dried product.


Why Should You Buy Pax 2?

So, if it’s not the best vaporizer in the world why should you buy this vaporizer? Simply put, quality and affordability. As the Pax 3 continues to dominate the Pax 2 vaporizer will decrease in value but won’t decrease in ability. It’s still a great vaporizer that has the durability and design to carry a vaper a long way.