The Perfect Portable Vape Can Go Anywhere

When you’re buying a vaporizer, whether it’s the first or the tenth time, the first question you should be asking yourself is, what kind of vaping am I going to be using it for? In our opinion, there’s two kinds of vaping that should open that question, and that’s session vaping or On The Go/Portable vaping.

Session vaping is just when you’re getting ready to sit down, relax, start vaping and you usually won’t have to worry about anyone seeing you. On The Go vaping is when you’re out and about and you want to take a chance at a few quick draws in private. Now, here’s an important fact to remember. No matter the quality of the vapor, all on-the-go vapes can be session vapes, but not all session vapes can be on-the-go vapes, that’s why a truly great portable, if you’re going to go down that option, is a must. Only the Best Portable Vaporizer will do.

Think for a second about the differences between The Mighty and The Crafty. Both are technically portable in the sense that they can be picked up and moved, but the Mighty isn’t exactly what most would call stealthy. It can’t fit in your pocket and even if you brought it in a bag, you’d have to take it out, revealing to everyone what the massive piece of smoking tech is and possibly getting yourself a whole line of questions you won’t be able to answer. The crafty, on the other hand, looks similar to the Mighty but is obviously considerably smaller, making it easier for the Crafty to fit into your pocket and be suddenly hidden if needs be.

What Could You Do With A Portable Vape

A Portable Vape is all about taking control of your vaping and doing it when you want, potentially wherever you want. From a sneaky office vaping as you step outside for lunch to the excellent, flavourful vape you keep strapped to your waist as you go rock climbing or hiking. Only a sturdy, dependable portable vape could be by your side through all of this so just make sure you pick the right one.

The Butane Option

Butane vaporizers are one of the perfect options if “On The Go” means a weekend away camping or at a festival or something similar. With a butane vape, you’ll never have to worry about it running out of power because it doesn’t even run on power, just the butane. You can get canisters of butane easily from any hardware or tobacco shop, so as long as you’ve plenty of canisters handy, you won't have to worry about running out during your trip. They’re the perfect answer to so many vapers problem and, while technically using a form of convection heat, because these vapes vaporize using a proper flame

Popular Portable Vapes

Here are a couple of options for some of the best Portable Vaporizers we’ve ever seen. These models blend function and vapor quality really well and if you’re the kind of person who has to fit their vaping habits into a busy schedule, one of these models might just be the one for you.

DaVinci IQ

One of the smartest vapes to have recently hit the market. The DaVinci IQ. Sporting a flavor that most other models can’t even come close to, despite being a pure conduction system. These features come from the Ceramic Zirconia mouthpiece as well as the built in flavor chamber. It also happens to be one of the smallest vapes on the market, coming in at under even the Pax 3, and with the standard model coming in a matte black finish, you could probably take this vape anywhere, have a draw whenever and get on with your day with ease.

The DaVinci IQ is one of the latest hit models and is the perfect bridge between style, power and portability. Sporting a heat up time of roughly 20 seconds as well as a smartphone app that controls over 4 different mode (one of them being stealth mode, so even more portability right there) this really is a fantastic all round vape that doesn’t lose any quality anywhere.

davinci iq namastevapes usa vaporizer

Pax 3

Pax have been setting the standard for years when it comes to the most stylish and elegant of portable models. That’s why they’ve been called the Apple of vaporizers. The Pax 3 is one of the finest conduction models on the market, it’s slim and slender body can fit in your pocket with easy and, with no discernible mouthpiece, it doesn’t even look an awful lot like a vaporizer, meaning there’s a very good chance the average person wouldn’t know what it was to begin with anyway.

Getting your hands on the Pax 3, how could you not want to take it everywhere. It’s so elegant and stylish, it’ll no doubt add a touch of class to your life. PAX Labs have been switching up the vaporizer game since they brought out their Pax 1 and now, with the PAX 3, your vaping isn’t just a habit, it’s a fashion statement.

pax 3 vaporizer namastevapes usa

Firefly 2

Sometimes considered the ultimate party vape, The Firefly 2 is a beautiful model that uses convection heat and manual control to be the perfect thing to pass around from friend to friend. As high-end as high-end gets, the Firefly 2 has been praised for its delicious vapor and ability to let people get the perfect draw they could possibly get.

The Firefly 2 has been passed around from friend to friend at every kind of party imaginable since it was first released. With it’s near instant heat up time, excellent flavor and fun to master manual control, it’s many people’s go to when trying to breath life into a get-together.

Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer

Boundless CFX

The Boundless CFX is the largest of the greater CF line of Boundless vaporizers. It’s size would only let it be moved in only the biggest of pockets, but the hybrid flavor coming off of this thing is to die for. Also perfect for parties and taking in bags to events, but if you don’t think you could get this in your pocket, don't worry, there's plenty of smaller models in the CF line, such as the CF or the CFC. With the same technology, you’ll be able to have a taste of that power and flavor, but in a more portable package.

Boundless aim for power, but they keep their stealth high with their matte black, high-quality plastic finish, and the Boundless CFX represents that well. In other models in the CF line, other modifications have been made, like a dimmed LCD screen for added stealth when vaping in public.

boundless cfx portable vaporizer namastevapes usa

What To Look For In A Portable

We’ve talked about size a lot, and it’s an important factor if you hope to have that vape stay on the move with you. If you’re finding it difficult to grip it in the one hand and it can’t fit in your pocket, it may be too big to stealthily use as you go about your day. Now, that’s not to say that larger portable models don’t have their uses. With that size, usually comes with a lot of power, and a vape you could stick in a bag and take to a friend’s house would definitely have it’s uses and would probably make a great party vape.

Depending how on the move you want your vape to be, battery will also be very important. If you’re going for a couple of mini sessions throughout the day you may need a battery that lasts at least an hour or ideally two hours. This’ll will let a fully charged vape last all day easily, and you won’t have to worry about it again until you get home.

Also, make sure the vape your choosing works with your material of choice. It might seem like a real stupid mistake, but if you just buy a vape you really like, not realizing it doesn’t do Dry Herbs, which is all you do, then you’re going to be out a good bit of money on a vape you can’t even use. Same goes for if you’re hoping to do concentrates because not all portable models are equipped to do them.

If you’re on a budget, there’s some amazing options that produce a great flavor even for under $100. Yes, they’re cheap, but you can’t go wrong with them either. Now, if budget isn’t a concern, I’d more than recommend the options we’ve mentioned above as well as the other absolute gems that are on our portable vaporizers page.

Apart from all of that, just shoot for the greatest quality vaporizer you can discover.