Vape Review: Arizer Air

Arizer Air Vaporizer | NamasteVapes USAMade in Canada the new Arizer Air portable vaporizer has hit the market with a bang! The Air is essentially a smaller and much more stealthy version of the already famous Arizer Solo.

What Is It?

With the Air, Arizer looked to improve upon the excellent and reliable Arizer Solo and make it more portable. The Solo is battery powered and classified as a portable vaporizer, however it is a bit bulky compared to the PAX and DaVinci Ascent which can easily fit in your pocket. Similar to the Solo, the Air has a strong body and a good weight but Arizer has reduced the size substantially.

What We Like About The Air

As with all Arizer products, the Air is solid and well built. The Solo is one of our most popular sellers and part of this owes to its reliability and great vapor and Arizer continues this trend with their latest release. The major change here is that the Air is substantially smaller in size than the Solo. It is actually slightly taller but a lot slimmer and something you're more likely to fit in a pocket or purse. Each Air kit also comes with a silicone sleeve to fit over the unit which reduces the heat exposure as well as protection for your Air.

The Air features a ceramic heating element and all glass vapor pathway which is now becoming an industry standard for quality vaporizers. Saving on the added expense, Arizer gave the Air 5 temperature settings that are simple to navigate with two button controls. You can also choose a pre-set temperature to be stored for your sessions.

What's really amazing is Arizer made sure the Air is compatible with all Solo glass stems so you can use your basic stems as backup but also high efficiency stems and glass adapters for water tools like our Solo 14mm water tool adapter. The Air comes standard with one all glass and one partially plastic mouthpiece.

The new Arizer Air delivers solid vapor production just like its big brother the Solo. With the glass vapor pathway the flavor is excellent. One major advantage of Air and the Solo is that you do not need to completely fill the chamber to get the best results which is a common trait among many portables. This ultimately makes much more efficient use of your materials and saves money!

The Air is backed by the Arizer 2-year manufacturers warranty which really speaks to the quality of the unit. The Solo and Extreme already have a reputation as being highly affordable high quality units and the Air lives up to this reputation.

Who Should Use It?

Arizer seemed to know that the only weakness with the Arizer Solo was the portability aspect and the easily transportable Air has taken care of this problem. We're very excited about the Air and anyone for looking for a high quality portable vaporizer should make sure to consider it.

We're going to be packaging the Air along with a 14mm adapter and Namaste Vapes water tool very soon as our Air DLX kit for all our customers that are looking for this as well. Stay tuned for our Youtube video review of the Air next week!