Vape Review: Arizer Solo – A Simple, Solid Portable Vaporizer
If you've been reading up on vaporizers for any amount of time, you've probably heard a lot about some of the more popular vape models – especially among the portables available.
Among these, one of our less flashy, but most reliable models stands out: The Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer.

What Is It?

The Arizer Solo is a no-nonsense portable vaporizer from the same designers who brought us the Extreme Q – one of our best-selling desktop models. It’s a simple canister-style vape with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, removable glass stem, and a wide range of heating options.
Arizer Solo
The Good

There are a lot of reasons the Solo’s always among our top sellers. It’s a solid, reliable vaporizer that produces excellent vapor – thanks in part to the wide temperature range it’s capable of, as well as having an all-glass air path.

Due to the glass stem housing the material chamber, it’s also easy enough to pre-heat the Solo while preparing your aromatics; not something you can do with most portable vapes. The construction of the stem also makes the whole unit very easy to keep clean, which is a must if your vape’s going to see heavy use.

The Solo’s also particularly good for long-term vaping due to its excellent battery life – about half again as long as some other popular units such as the Da Vinci Ascent.

The Not So Good

There will always be concerns about every model – however, how important they are is a matter of personal preference.

One of the more common concerns with the Solo is that it either vapes or charges, but can’t do both at once. So if the battery runs out, you’ll need to let the unit rest for a while and recharge before using it again. This would be a bigger deal if the battery indicator weren’t as reliable as it is – running out of juice shouldn’t be a surprise.

Airflow is also a bit constricted due to the way the glass stem sits in the Solo’s main body. This can slow down drawing but isn’t really a problem if you’re going to take things slow anyway.

Who Should Use It?

The Solo’s a great vape for anyone who needs a portable unit, at any level of experience. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and provides an excellent quality of vapor.

We’d love to hear what you think of the Arizer Solo – feel free to drop us a line or comment below.