Vape Review: Iolite WISPR 2 – Quick, Compact Portable Vaping

Iolite WISPR 2 Butane Powered Portable Vaporizer | Namaste VapesMost of the vapes you’ll find on the market today – indeed, all of the vapes we've written about so far – are precision electronic devices, using either replaceable or rechargeable batteries to power their heating chambers.

Among the rarer alternatives to these are butane powered portables such as the Iolite WISPR, which not enough people know much about – so we thought it was time to talk about this excellent budget vaporizer.

What Is It?

Both of Iolite’s current models – the Iolite 2.0 and the WISPR 2 – are butane-powered portable vaporizers, designed for portability. They require no battery recharging or replacement, have no internal electronics to speak of, and are operated simply by engaging the igniter and letting them heat to pre-determined temperatures.

These vapes are among the easiest to use, most no-nonsense models we have – and that’s exactly why we love them.

The Good

The WISPR isn’t the smallest portable vape, but it’s still compact – and without the need to cart around extra accessories, such as a charger, the total amount you’re bringing with you on the go amounts to the device, and its case – this is a clear win.

It’s also very quick; thanks to butane heating, the chamber and any blends in it will heat up in a short period of time, and begin producing a decent volume of nicely-flavoured vapor more quickly than some other units.

Moving from the original to WISPR 2, a lot of small improvements were made. Notably, the WISPR 2 has a small window, so you can keep track of the amount of fuel your vaporizer has in it. No more guessing about when to refill.

The Not So Good

Even for a very simple device like this, there are a few things to watch out for. One of the top concerns is durability – and this is where, unlike many other portable vapes, the owner has some responsibility. The WISPR really performs better with more expensive butane, free of the impurities found in a lot of consumer fuel cans. Using cheaper fuel will cause the unit to wear down more quickly, so you’ll be replacing in a matter of a year, rather than two or three.

Also – and this is more of a “let’s get used to it” thing than an actual problem with the unit – because it’s powered by butane, there’s exhaust. This means the unit can smell of spent fuel. While this unique scent has no impact on the vapor quality the WISPR provides, it can be concerning if you’re not expecting it.

Who Should Use It?

Either Iolite model – the Iolite 2.0 or the Iolite WISPR 2 – are great low-cost alternatives for beginning vaporists, or those of us who don’t like having to find an outlet everywhere we go. If you’re an active, mobile person who likes to vape on the go, these vapes will be a great choice for you.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this or any other unit we offer.