Vape Review: Sonic, a Quick and Easy Portable Vaporizer

In our reviews so far, we've discussed the important balance between form and function. One end of the spectrum holds vapes the Arizer Solo 2– the other, the MagicFlight LaunchBox

Sonic, a Quick and Easy Portable Vaporizer Right in the middle, with simple designs and a decent range of features, there’s a class of vape that’s not flashy, not too expensive, and does its job simply, without a lot of user input needed. Today, we’re going to talk about one of these entry-level vapes, the Sonic.
What Is It? The Sonic vaporizer is one of a small class of super-portable vapes, well suited to being used on the go. It’s got a rechargeable battery, removable plastic stem, and straight-forward power and temperature controls.

Sonic really is one of the simplest rechargeable vapes out there. It heats up quickly, recharges fast, and has a mediocre battery life (which is to be expected on something this size).

The Good

In its class, the Sonic is one of the best made vapes available. It’s got a sharp design which comes in a variety of colors (blue, green, and purple). The controls are easy to use – and the screen indicates both temp and battery power, so it’s really clear what state the unit’s in.

Vapor quality is above average for this class of device as well. While it doesn’t have the all-glass airpaths of the Ascent or the Solo, which tend to produce better quality flavor over all, the Sonic’s been more than satisfactory.

The Not So Good

Two common concerns keep coming up with the Sonic; chamber size and chamber size.

This is a very small unit – smaller than your smartphone – so the amount of material you can reasonably fit into the chamber is appropriately low. What this means is shorter vape sessions, and the need to bring spare dry blend material with you, should you choose to take the Sonic outside your home.

It also means that, due to the small chamber lid, there’s some caution needed when packing your material in – shaky fingers will make a mess easily.

These concerns are fairly common for this class of vape, but it’s worth mentioning them because they do apply to the Sonic as well.

Who Should Use It?

The Sonic’s a great vape for pretty much anyone in need of a simple portable unit. No frills, easy to use, good vapor quality – it’s a solid choice, especially for its middle-of-the-pack price point.

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Order your Sonic vaporizer today and happy vaping!