Video Review: Arizer Air Vaporizer

We hope you've been enjoying our vaporizer video reviews. This week, we decided to review the latest model from Arizer, the portable Air. Check out the review below and contact us if you have any other questions or need clarification.

A new hand-held portable unit from Arizer, the Air helps bring the quality of Arizer into an even more portable form.

Video Transcript

Very excited today to be reviewing the new Arizer Air, which is now in stock at NamasteVapes on all of our websites. We have them in stock in black and silver. This is a brand new product that was just released on the market. It follows along with the great reputation of a company that manufactures these in Ontario, Canada. They are very high quality units, very rugged, durable. They have solid metal casings and they have amazing vapor production. They feature all glass vapor pathways with a steel chamber and a ceramic heating element.

Included in the box you get your Arizer Air Vaporizer unit as well as the following:

- Standard Glass Mouthpiece
- An instruction manual, which covers all the details and usage of the unit, which is helpful - although it's very simple to use.
- Glass Aromatherapy Dish
- Plastic on Glass Mouthpiece ( To be honest with you I don't know any circumstances where I'd rather use plastic then glass. I didn't even try using the plastic piece - I loved the glass mouthpiece. But the plastic mouthpiece is supplied as an alternative if you like. )
- A Wall Charger (You'll need an appropriate plug adapter. We include these with ours free of charge)
- A Poker tool (which can be used for cleaning out the bowl)
-Silicone Sleeve (to minimize heat, but the unit doesn't get too hot so it's not really necessary. It's great though for protecting the unit from scratches, etc)
- Carrying Case (To clip on to your belt when you're travelling and on the go, just like a cellphone)

In general, this unit is a lot more portable than the Solo. It's quite a bit slimmer. One of the really nice features of this vaporizer is it has interchangeable batteries. This is something unique and a new thing for Arizer. You can just open the cap, buy replacement batteries which you can keep charged so you can just swap it out which is a really convenient feature. The reduction in the size of this vaporizer (in comparison with the Solo) on top of the fact that you have these interchangeable batteries - this really is a big hit with this product. It makes it more something you can use on the go and fit into your pocket or purse.

The Air is very easy to use, yet the vapor product with this model is top notch - one of the best I've seen. It's on par with the Solo, the same way that it operates and functions. If you already have the Solo, or like the Solo and have tried it, this is an excellent unit to go for. I highly recommend it.

The operation is very simple - it has 5 heat settings that you can control in the front. You hold down the center button to turn the unit on. Once it is on you'll hear a very faint beep. You have an up and down button that cycles through 5 different colors working your way from green, yellow, to red. Red is the hottest setting which is 210 celcius. The Air takes about a minute to 2 minutes to heat up depending on your settings.

On first use, we recommend letting the unit heat up to a high temperature for a few minutes to allow the glass mouthpiece to slide in better. It is similar to the solo this way so if you're having any problems pushing the glass mouthpiece in at first just heat it up once for a good tight fit. Another cool feature with this vaporizer, is that any of your stems and adapters for your Arizer Solo are compatible with the Air.

Excellent quality vapor, good production on the vapor. Big clouds from this unit. Flavor is amazing, I think with the glass vapor path. Overall I'd give this unit 8.5 out of 10. It's super portable, the interchangeable batteries are a brilliant design on this.

I haven't mentioned battery life yet. You get 1 full continuous hour of use with this unit which is great considering the size of it. Its a great unit if you have experienced an Arizer Solo before. This is, in my opinion, an upgraded version of that. I don't see any real downfalls in this vs. the Solo. If you're going to go for a quality product made in Canada this is your product. This is excellent. I have a feeling it is going to be one of our best sellers.

One last thing I wanted to add, as I mentioned earlier your Arizer Solo glass stems are compatible with the Air. Our 14mm Solo Adapter also works with this vaporizer. This is excellent for those who want to get the extra experience of the water filtration that you can use the 14mm adapter in combination with our water tool. We're offering this in a kit that includes the Air, the 14mm adapter and our water tool so stay tuned for that.

Once again the Arizer Air is a great quality new product. Lives up to the standards of Arizer. It has a great warranty and we offer full support for this. Be sure to check it out. Thanks for tuning it today!