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Concentrate Vaporizers

$80.99 $89.99

Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer The Dr. D Ghost Vaporizer is a high-quality portable unit that is perfect for vaporizing your favorite aromatherapy oils. It features a titanium atomizer that is among the most efficient in...

10% OFF
$89.99 $89.99

Puffco Plus Vaporizer / Puffco+ Canada There is a new player on the field in the vaping game - specifically for vaping wax, oils and liquids. The Puffco Plus Vaporizer is both stylish and discrete...


Capsule Caddy Storz and Bickel  The Liquid Capsule Caddy with 4 Dosing Capsules from Storz & Bickel comes with four dosing capsules, each with a stainless-steel mesh pad used for vaporizing extracts. They work with...

$311.20 $389.00

Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer Canada: A Quick Intro DaVinci is one of the better-known vaporizer brands in the world, and its line of IQ vapes have long been some of the best selling portable vaporizers on...

20% OFF
$127.19 $158.99

DaVinci Miqro Canada: A Quick Intro DaVinci is one of the world’s top selling vape brands, and over the years they’ve developed a reputation that’s the envy of many competitors. DaVinci vapes are typically well-made...

20% OFF
$53.99 $89.99

The Kandypens MINI Wax Vaporizer  The kandypens mini Wax vaporizer is a small but very powerful portable vape for concentrates. The MINI features a coilless deep amotizers that can pack a lot of material. The...

40% OFF
$38.49 $54.99

Intro to Yocan Evolve  The Yocan Evolve concentrate pen is a super powerful dab pen that offers a stunning concentrate vape experience in an affordable and compact package. It is designed to put as few...

30% OFF
$58.99 $58.99

KandyPens K-Stick Supreme This slim portable vaporizer is perfect for on the go everyday users. It is perfect for any low budget vapor who just wants a cheap and quick product while still delivering high-quality...

$38.99 $64.99

Intro The Yocan Evolve Plus XL There’s no better way to enjoy your concentrates than the Evolve Plus XL. Those familiar with the Yocan brand will be aware of the Evolve Plus model. The Evolve...

40% OFF
$52.46 $69.95

Dr. Dabber light kit vaporizer Canada This small compact vaporizer is perfect for on the go and being no larger than a normal pen it is extremely discreet as well. It is using the same...

25% OFF
$79.99 $79.99

INCLUDED FREE: 14 Days Free Return KandyPens Donuts Canada Features For Wax Temperature Control Ceramic Disc Atomizer SloBurn, Technology Glossy Enamel Finish Deep Chamber 510 Threaded KandyPens Donuts KandyPens is back with their revolutionary new...

$349.95 $349.95

Intro To The Kandypens Oura  The beautiful design and expert craft of the Kandypens Oura have led to changes in the way we view portable vaporizers. The Oura is one of the most innovating portable...

$466.20 $518.00

The Puffco Peak Vaporizer Canada The Puffco team has built a reputation for itself as leading innovation in the portable vaporizer market. The Puffco Peak vaporizer is the first desktop vaporizer by Puffco. With an...

10% OFF

Pulsar Rök Vaporizer Over the years, Pulsar has gained a reputation for creating some of the best vaping options on the market. They cater to consumers of all needs, producing many of the staple portable...


A Quick Intro The XVAPE Vista Mini 2 is a dab rig like no other. It follows on from the original XVAPE Vista Mini model which took the market by storm upon its release. Paying...

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Concentrate Vaporizers - A Quick Intro

Concentrate vaporizers are designed for those who want strong and potent hits.

They function with a compartment that directly holds your substance against a heating coil, and this method leaves behind little to no residue. Meaningless cleaning up and, getting more from your materials. Concentrate vapes can handle waxes, shatters, oils, and no matter what you use, these vapes deliver super strong hits for optimal consumption.

Another benefit of concentrate devices is that they usually have a lower price point -depending on the brand. Often costing less than dried product vaporizers as they need less room to heat their materials, and users will usually end up using less of their concentrate as they have more potency and flavor in smaller volumes.

 Concentrate Vaporizers - The Benefits

The benefits of vaping concentrates are- more flavor, higher potency, quality, and more bang for your buck. This is because more active ingredients are packed into a smaller amount, allowing for better hits. Concentrates will allow you to achieve intense flavor, which varies greatly with the type of botanical extract you decide to use.

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