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Pulsar Vaporizers

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Pulsar APX II Dry Herb Vaporizer Pulsar has blessed us with another touch of class in the form of the APX 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer. For those who don’t know, although I’m sure most of...

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$169.99 $169.99

Intro to the Pulsar Hand E Nail V3 Pulsar made its name with the Pulsar 7, a complete dry herb vaporizer, and has since expanded its products to just about anything you can think of....

$233.75 $275.00

Intro to Pulsar RöK Electric Dab Rig - The Alchemist The Pulsar Rok electric dab rig has innovated the way we view e-rigs. Pulsar has always set the standard high, but they’ve surpassed all expectations...

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$259.99 $259.99

About the pulsar elite series mini E-Nail The Pulsar Elite Series - Mini eNail w/ 6-in-1 Nail provides simple push-button operation, exact temperature control, and comes with a compatible Universal 10/14/19mm Ti Nail. This portable...


Pulsar APX Replacement Screens - 4 pack This is the Official Replacement Screen set for the Pulsar APX by Pulsar. This is an OEM product from Pulsar. These screens are made out of stainless steel....


Pulsar APX 2 Mouthpiece This is the Official Pulsar APX 2 Mouthpiece. How to change the Mouthpiece on the Pulsar APX 2 Vaporizer Changing the mouthpiece on the Pulsar APX is pretty simple, all you...


Pulsar APX Wax Full Metal Atomizer Tank Kit This is the Official Full Metal Atomizer Tank Kit for the Pulsar APX. This kit includes a heat resistant, solid steel housing and a triple quartz coil...


Pulsar APX Wax Replacement Metal Mouthpiece This is the Official Replacement Metal Mouthpiece for the Pulsar APX vaporizer How to put on the Replacement Metal Mouthpiece This is by far the easy replacement piece to...


Pulsar APX Replacement Concentrate Cup This is an Official Replacement Concentrate Cup for the Pulsar APX. How to use the Concentrate Cup The concentrate cup is a nice wee add on for the Pulsar is...


About Pulsar Vaporizers

Pulsar has become one of the most reputable vaporizer brands on the market today. The Pulsar catalog of vaporizers has never failed to amaze. Pride themselves on creating innovative, revolutionary hardware to change the way we view portable vaping.

The leading-edge Pulsar products are created and designed by a passionate team that all share the same enthusiasm for vaping. This dedication is evident and is portrayed perfectly by the quality of their products, particularly the Pulsar Rok electric dab rig. 

No matter what your preference, or what you’re looking for, Pulsar will offer the best of everything. Their range of vaporizers covers portable and desktop, for dry herbs or for concentrates, so you’ll never need to look elsewhere. Said better by nobody than Pulsar themselves, their vaporizers are designed for users to #EnjoyHigherCulture like never before. 

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What Does Pulsar Vaporizers Offer?

Whether you’re a dry herb fanatic or a concentrate connoisseur, Pulsar offers the best the market has to offer. 

They take pride in listening to their customers' wishes, aiming to offer the best quality possible at the most affordable prices. The range spans across a whole spectrum of prices, so no matter your budget, you’ll find the perfect vape for you. 

Differences In Products

There’s an abundance of choices within the Pulsar Vaporizers range. There are, of course, some older models as well as the latest, most ground-breaking models to be released.

While the majority of Pulsar vaporizers are very much portable, some also have desktop appeal too. Most notably the Rok Electric Dab Rig packs an almighty punch to rival any of the largest dab rigs on the market.

The predominant difference between each product lies in its compatibility. Traditionally, a vaporizer will either be for use with concentrates or with dry herbs. Luckily, Pulsar has created the best of both worlds, getting the best from any material they are designed to be used with. 

Concentrate models include the Pulsar Hand e-Nail and the Rok, as well as the APX Wax Vaporizer, too. Meanwhile dry herb focussed devices consist of the APX 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer and the APX Smoker. 

Most Loved 

Here are Pulsar’s most popular models. Each of the models in the range boasts high-quality and craftsmanship, however, these are the most popular amongst customers as a result of their unique designs and flawless performance. 

Pulsar Rok Electric Dab Rig

The Rok Electric Dab Rig is undoubtedly Pulsar’s most iconic model to date. So much so, in fact, that it even had a limited edition gold model released named ‘The Alchemist’. 

The Rok is all you could wish for in a portable e-rig. Its design is as functional as it is aesthetic luxurious. Users can choose between a variety of temperatures to vape at, offering a truly customizable experience tailored specifically to them. The all-glass filtration base contains a disc percolator that diffuses and cools the vapor for an outstandingly smooth and flavorful experience. 

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