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Top 5 Pen & Smallest Portable Vaporizers 2021

So you want something compact and portable? Well we are here to help! There are so many options to choose from, and we are here to help narrow down your search. No matter what you want there is sure to be a pen for it. Vape pens unlike larger portable vaporize specialize in one thing so you will either be looking for a pen that can be used for dry herb or concentrates.

Best Pen & Smallest Portable Vaporizers

Most vape pens come with a 510 thread battery that can be interchangeable with other vaporizers, while others have the battery embedded into the vaporizer. You will also have to decide if you want a button system or an LED display to give you precise temperature reading. Each pen has its own drawback but not all are deal breakers, make a list of what you absolutely cannot live without and pick from there.

Here at Namaste we want to ensure that we are providing you with the best information and the best products. We have done rigours research with other leading vaporizer companies to narrow down the top 5 vape pens for you. Trying to make your decision as easy as possible.


G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite is brought to you with a sleek and modern design. Used only for dry herbs it has a large ceramic heating chamber that can hold upwards of .75 grams of dry herb. Equipped with an LED screen you can change the temperature anywhere between 201F - 428F. The G Pen Elite uses convection heating so there is no need to stir as the whole herb gets warm and to make things better it heats up in under 30 seconds. You can fully charge your Vape pen in 3 hours and can last between 12 - 15 activations. Only 6.25 inches long it is sure to fit in any pocket or purse and fits perfectly in the hand. It is also built with a smart chip that turns the device off after 5 minutes of sitting idle, or if you just wanted to do a 5 minute session.


  1. Very simple to use
  2. Good vapor quality
  3. Large temperature range


  1. Larger than a vape pen
  2. Mouthpiece can get hot
  3. Longer charging time

Puffco plus Vaporizer

The Puffco Plus is one of the smaller vapes on this list, a true vape pen. It is used for concentrates only and is built with a ceramic atomizer instead of a coil atomizer to ensure an even heating to provide some of the best vapor quality.Along with it’s great flavor, the Puffco Plus will last you 30-50 puffs per charge or 5-6 loads. It heats up in seconds so there's no waiting to vape. It comes with 3 preset heat settings: 3.6v, 3.9v, 4.2v. The best part of this vape is their mouthpiece which comes with their carb cap, loading tool, and splash guard all in one and may we not forget a built in dab tool for ease of use. This vape pen is for you if you want an extremely portable and discreet vaporizer with great flavor. It may not be for you if you are a heavy user.


  1. Great flavor
  2. Easy to use
  3. Dart design


  1. Oven gets hot
  2. Will leak oil if left on its side
  3. Regular cleaning required

3. Pulsar APX II Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Pulsar APX 2 vaporizer for dry herbs is the successor of the original APX model. After refining and developing the first generation APX vaporizer, we were introduced to the all-new APX 2. The result is a faster, sleeker, and powerful vaporizer with advanced technology. Its size makes it perfect for those on-the-go hits you’ve been wishing for, and its battery allows you to so all day long, no stress!


  1. Flexible Temperature Settings
  2. 30-second heat-up time
  3. 1600mAh lithium-ion battery.


  1. Short Warranty Period
  2. Got hot at higher temperature
  3. Before use herb must be very finely ground

Boundless CFC 2.0

Maybe one of the cheaper dry herb vapes with great flavor and huge clouds. Holding 0.3 grams of dry herb, the Boundless CFC 2.0 is a newer version of the original Boundless CFC. It has better airflow and is adaptable with a water pipe both which will improve the vapor quality. Standing at around 5.25 inches long it is able to fit in any pocket or purse and go with you wherever. With temperatures ranging between 140F - 446F the CFC 2.0 allows you full temperature control with an OLED screen. It has conduction heating which allows it to heat up in 30 seconds and will last for a little more than an hour of use. To get a complete charge it takes around 3 hours and does not have passthrough charging.


  1. Super fast heat up
  2. Water pipe adaptable, gnarly
  3. Easy to maintain


  1. Long charging time
  2. Some draw resistance
  3. Small battery capacity

Magneto concentrate vaporizer

Yocan has come out with many vaporizers bothe for dry herb and concentrates. As you can see in the name this magneto concentrate vaporizer is meant for concentrates. The entire vaporizer besides the battery is built with a strong magnet for ease of use. The cap also has a built in loading tool which is perfect for on the go. The Magneto is best used for smaller loads to create a nice vapor quality. This vaporizer is very easy to travel with as it is the size of a marker. It will fit into pockets or easy enough to throw into a purse or backpack. The portability is great as it comes with a built in loading tool as well as a silicone jar. The Magneto may not be for you if you want a precise temperature range as this vaporizer does not and is regulated by constantly pressing and releasing the button. This is however perfect for you if temperature is not an issue as this vape pen can go days on a full charge while still being used moderately.


  1. Built in silicone jar
  2. Long battery life
  3. Budget vaporizer


  1. No temperature control
  2. Needs practice to get perfect
  3. Vapor quality could improve

To conclude on the best small vaporizers

There is a variety of different pen and small portable vaporizers, as you can see they come in all shapes and sizes with different things going on under the hood. These pocket sized friends are easily portable and once used you will see that they are simple to learn. The bonus is that vape pens are some of the easiest to clean. But do not feel limited to just these 5 there are so many more out there and maybe you think something else will fit you better.

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