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Top 5 Portable Vaporizers of 2021

We've combined customer reviews, staff reviews, plus our sales & search history to give you the top 5 portable vapes of 2020. Check them out below. Here is a quick rundown of the top 5 best portable vaporizers as of september 2020. We've pulled that data from 3 of the leading online stores known to man to find out which were the best sellers and why?

Our Top 5 Portable Vaporizers of the year

Naturally each person has their own preference and favorite brand. Nevertheless, based on the customer review data and numbers we've analysed, and being in the vaporizer business since it began–nothing really comes as a surprise. All it really proves is that you get what you pay for.

That being said, we do sell heaps of vaporizers that haven't made it on to this list, some of which are under $100. If you're uncertain as to which vaporizer suits you best, send us an e-mail and someone from our support team will gladly help you out! Now, on to the top 5 best portable vaporizers of 2020.


1. The Mighty Vaporizer

The mighty has been on the top of everyone's lists for years. This just goes to say that it is definitely the best portable vaporizer out there. It never falls short of flavor or vapor quality and is compared to desktop vaporizers except better because it can go where you go. Storz and Bickel has improved their mighty vaporizer by adding an extra 20% battery capacity, meaning that the Mighty vaporizer can now go hours without charging. Perfect for a weekend trip or a night out. The Mighty is one of the least portable vaporizers on this list, but is still perfect for traveling and using at home and will deliver excellence every time. It is also one of the most expensive vaporizers on the list, but will last you years and pay for itself in the long run.


  1. Consistant vapor everytime
  2. Long battery life: 90 minutes
  3. Full user temperature control


  1. Slightly bulkier than others
  2. Pretty pricey
  3. Less color choices

2. PAX 3

Pax Labs (like The Mighty) have been around for years and they are constantly upgrading their product line. The latest is the PAX 3 which has improved battery life and will run for 90 minutes on a full charge. The PAX3 is the perfect portable vaporizer, it easily fits in your hand and is very discreet. It also heats up very quickly and has lip sensing technology to tell when you are using it to heat up the chamber. The conduction heating allows the device to heat up within 10 seconds, but takes away from the flavor just a bit. It is used with a single button with 4 preset temperatures and is easily changed on the mobile or desktop APP.


  1. True pocket size
  2. Heats up fast
  3. Very slick & stylish


  1. Can get hot with over use
  2. No precise temperature readings
  3. Better flavor elsewhere

3. Arizer Solo 2

Arizer have done it again. The Solo 2 has a smaller body than the original Solo and is easier to hold and store. The Arizer Solo2 comes with a new LED screen with digital controls which puts you in full control of the temperature on your vaporizer. It has a hybrid heating system that uses conduction and convection which allows it to heat up within 20-30 seconds. It also allows to have tasty vapor which is greatly helped by the glass stem that allows it to cool off before inhaling, bringing big clouds and damn tasty vapor. The star of the show is the battery power, it can hold up to 3 hours of battery life so you won't have to worry about charging it often!


  1. Long battery life: 3hrs
  2. Precise temperature control
  3. Simple to use


  1. A little bulky
  2. Small chamber
  3. Stem might get loose with regular use

4. Davinci IQ2

DaVinci have recently come up with many improvements from the original IQ. The new and improved IQ2 has a personal airflow control which allows the user to decide what they want their draw to be and be able to change it on a daily basis–which we found was pretty cool. The vapor path is made of ceramic zirconia which helps deliver delicious taste and dense clouds. DaVinci also allows you to track your dosage on their vapor APP (Android only) and also give you the option to customize the smart paths on your device. The Davinci IQ2 does let us down a little with the battery life. It lasts about one hour, but the battery is replaceable so a top tip is to simply bring an extra one until you can charge your device and continue using it.


  1. Very portable
  2. Long manufacturers warranty
  3. Removable battery


  1. Long charging time
  2. Not APP compatible
  3. Hard to clean

5. Firefly 2+

The Firefly 2+ comes with 6 pre set temperatures and has a mobile APP (android only) where you can adjust the temperature to your liking. It is designed with a convection heating which is both a blessing and a curse in one. It helps heat up your session in 3 seconds, so there is absolutely no time wasted. On the flip side, the convection heating takes some time to navigate and master with the draws that are taken. It will deliver some of the best tasting vapor when you get the slow draw down. The Firefly 2+ will last between 8-10 sessions and will charge to 80% in 20 minutes and charge completely in about 45 minutes. If you do not want to wait, don’t worry it has a replaceable battery that can be ready whenever you are.


  1. Very Quick heat up time: 3 sec
  2. So easy to clean
  3. Great for micro dosing


  1. Small learning curve
  2. High draw resistance
  3. Low cloud density

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