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Best Portable Vaporizers of 2021

We've combined customer reviews, staff reviews, plus our sales & search history to give you the top 5 portable vapes of 2020. Check them out below. Here is a quick rundown of the top 5 best portable vaporizers as of september 2020. We've pulled that data from 3 of the leading online stores known to man to find out which were the best sellers and why?

You’d think that by now, Namaste Vaporizers would know a thing or two about the portable vaporizer market! Well, we would like to agree. Let’s kick off the new year in style with our favorite piece of tech; the portable vaporizer.

We’ve done all the digging so you don’t have to. We created the ultimate list of the best portable dry herb vaporizers. They’re all unique, and so are you.

This guide was a real grind to prepare for you guys. That’s because we’ve packed it full of information (and puns). We’re hoping you inhale all the knowledge and wisdom so that it can help you reach your maximum potential!


1. The Mighty Vaporizer

The legendary Mighty. It’s not the cheapest portable vaporizer on our list, but you get what you pay for. This piece of German engineering excellence would never let you down.

Unrivaled Vapor Quality

One of the main points that helped the Mighty gain its cult following status is the fact that it vaporizes herb incredibly well. The vapor quality rivals some of the top desktop vaporizers on the market. 

Storz and Bickel have invested a lot of time and money into getting their designs perfect. You should hope so considering they effectively created this industry back in the late ‘90s. Their secret sauce? Hybrid Heating Technology and an intelligent cooling system. This ensures the herb is heated evenly and powerfully before being sent down a labyrinth of cooling channels so it reaches your mouth smooth and delightful.

Super Battery Life

The mighty, as a portable vaporizer, is on the chunkier side. For most, that is no problem as the chunkiness is a signal of something else; big boy batteries. These powerful batteries take up over 60% of the total mass. What does this mean? It means your Mighty can reach a record 410°F. The battery life will get you approximately 8-9 sessions on a single charge. This equates to roughly 90 minutes… WAY above the industry standard!

Key Features

Iconic design from Storz and Bickel

Excellent battery life

Perfect vapor production

Durable beyond belief

Precise temperature controls


  1. Fantastic vapor quality
  2. Durable design
  3. Full temperature flexibility


  1. A lot of individual parts to clean
  2. One of the more expensive vaporizers
  3. Not pocket friendly

2. PAX 3

The sexiest portable vaporizer is the Pax 3. We all know it. Whip out your Pax 3 and prepare to impress. This discrete and compact dry herb vaporizer can tackle concentrates just as well as dry herb. It’s packed with more features than a swiss army knife.

Dual-Function Vaporizer

Just because it’s small, doesn’t mean it’s in any way weaker than the competition. This powerful device can tackle both concentrate and dry herb. This means you’re getting a dab pen as well as a dry herb vaporizer. The connoisseurs among us will be jumping in their seats. 

The flavor profiles that can be achieved from vaping concentrates are totally out of this world. Pax 3 opens up your options. Just slot in the concentrate insert with your extract of choice and the Pax will do the rest.

Herb-Preserving Capabilities

Using innovative lip-sensing technology, the Pax 3 can sense when it’s going to be used or not. This means it can conserve battery life and prolong the lifespan of your herb too. Think about the money you would save over a year! The Pax 3 is all about bringing intelligence to vaping; think of it as a Smart Vape.

Key Features

Discrete and silent operation

The most beautiful of all the portable vaporizers

Haptic feedback

Can vape both herb and concentrate

Impressive battery life for its size


  1. Dual use with dry herbs and concentrates
  2. True pocket size
  3. Huge 10-year warranty


  1. Clouds are not super thick
  2. Can get warm to the touch throughout use
  3. The flat mouthpiece can be awkward to use

3. Arizer Solo 2

Sometimes simplicity is key. Better to have a device that performs its function without any hiccups along the way! If the Arizer Solo 2 were a car, it’d be a Volvo. Safe, reliable, not too flashy.

Improved Airflow

The Arizer Solo 2 is both thinner and smaller than its predecessors. Thanks to the pure glass air path and intelligent heating technology, the vapor tastes excellent and the vapor quality is even better. By directing the air to evenly pass over your bowl, Arizer has succeeded in producing a device that will certainly not disappoint.

Full Digital Session Control

You can change all of the settings for this device using simple buttons. There is no need to download an app or plug it into your computer. This is great for providing you with extra customization and control over your session. You can customize temperature, automatic shut-off timer, notifications, and brightness. It has a big, easy-to-read display too so no need to squint.

Key Features

As simple as it gets - but does the job well

Powerful battery performance - up to 3 hours

It may look a bit like the original, but it’s a whole new thing

Heats up in just 30 seconds

Excellent value for money


  1. Water pipe adaptability
  2. Precise temperature settings
  3. Top notch vapor quality


  1. A bulkier portable vape
  2. Smaller bowl means more reloading
  3. Glass stem can sometimes get loose

4. The Boundless CF

Easily one of our favorite mid-range devices. The Boundless CF provides you with boundless opportunities to be impressed. It’s great value, looks great, and performs exactly how you’d expect it to.

Hybrid Heating

The Boundless CF uses hybrid heating technology. This allows it to heat its large chamber up to temperature in less than 20 seconds. This is a truly remarkable time when compared with the Mighty which takes up to 90 seconds. By combining direct conduction heat with indirect convection, the herb is heated evenly. This makes it taste great too.

Integrated Memory Function

The CF has an onboard computer that cleverly stores information. This enables the device to remember your previous settings and stick to them. The device has many functions to choose from including 5 temperature presets and a stealth mode. To top things off, this device can be used with both dry herb and concentrate; it is dual-use!

Key Features

Yet another fantastic hybrid device

Similar in size and performance to the Crafty but much cheaper

Great taste and vapor production

Stylish wavy design to radiate excess heat

Five active temperature presets


  1. Hybrid heating thoroughly heats your herb
  2. Fully isolated airpath
  3. Small and discreet


  1. Preset temperature settings
  2. Battery life is short lived
  3. Does not have haptic feedback

5. The Crafty+

We think it should be called the Mighty’s little brother, All the power from the Mighty, just in a smaller package. Great to take on-the-go. Did we mention it has its own app?

Exactly the same heating, smaller size

As we said, the Crafty+ is the Mighty’s little brother. How did they manage to make it smaller without affecting the quality? The simple answer is batteries. The Crafty+ has one battery and the Mighty has two. Other than that, they are very similar. If you are someone who wants a portable vaporizer but will be mainly using it at home, go for the Mighty. If you are a bit more social and like the slimmer profile of the Crafty+, this is the one for you.

Smartphone App

The Crafty original lacked the control that one would require from a top-of-the-range dry herb vaporizer. This is why Storz and Bickel released the Crafty+. Thanks to its crafty smartphone app, users now have access to precise temperature controls, a battery meter, and even a handy vape locator. This added range of functionality makes an already great vaporizer fantastic.

Key Features

Smartphone app-enabled

Incredible vapor cloud production

Precise temperature control

The most advanced portable vaporizer from Storz and Bickel

Smaller size than the Mighty


  1. Strong Vapor production
  2. Can be used for both dry herbs and concentrates
  3. Easy to travel with vaporizer


  1. No precise temperature control
  2. Battery life could be better
  3. Still one of the top priciest vaporizers on the market

6. Firefly 2+

We’re in the era of smartphones. Let’s embrace them! The Firefly 2+ is both user-friendly and classy. Just what you need to prove that you are making great choices. This is not just for vaporizer aficionados, it is affordable and perfect for beginners.

A great step-up

The Firefly 2+ is in a big hurry to fill you up with delicious smooth clouds. It has an ultra-fast convection heating system that fires up your herb until the stratosphere in only 3 seconds. We couldn’t believe it either. Thanks to its isolated airpath, you are getting super flavor. Once you get used to the various heat settings, you will fall in love with the hits from the Firefly 2+.

Palm-sized and stylish

The Firefly 2+ is both compact and classy. You can easily fit it into any pocket. Feeling funky? It’s time to customize and choose which finish you like. There are plenty to choose from; Jet black, blue, oak, and zebra wood to name a few. The Firefly 2+ doesn’t necessarily resemble a vaporizer. This makes it discreet and easy to conceal.

Key Features

Convection heating system

Heats up in just 3 seconds

Available in multiple finishes


Easy to maintain


  1. Fantastic tasting vapor
  2. Open airflow
  3. Quick and easy to clean


  1. Learning curve
  2. Herbs need to be stirred throughout the session
  3. Not suitable to larger groups

7. The DaVinci IQ 2

The IQ2 is for the tech nerds among us. Why? Because it’s packed full of high-tech features. This vaporizer takes customization to new extremes. Featuring everything the original IQ had and so much more, this is truly a device to keep your eyes on.

Perfect for micro-dosers

A problem that many vapers have faced is that they don’t always want to take a massive dose. It is hard, with portable vaporizers, to find a way to just put a small amount in the bowl. Fortunately, this problem has been resolved by DaVinci

The DaVinci IQ 2 contains a fully adjustable oven size. It has a small zirconia bead built into the chamber lid that can be lifted or lowered. This means that you can enjoy a smaller session with all the vapor quality of a full pack.

Take full control of your session

The IQ2 provides you with the privilege of enjoying absolute control over your vape experience thanks to its unique dosing control system. You can input the THC and CBD content of your bud. This allows you to know exactly how many milligrams you are consuming. Perfect for medical patients and recreationally too.

Key Features

A significant upgrade from the IQ

Oven capacity of up to 0.5g

Zirconia ceramic airpath for extra taste

Colossal 10-year warranty

Stealth mode for a low-key session


  1. Adjustable air flow dial
  2. Removable batteries
  3. Very quick heat up time


  1. Zirconia pear can be easily lost
  2. Has a slow charge time
  3. Needs constant cleaning

8. The PAX 2

Some may argue the Pax 2 is the most iconic of the Pax trilogy. Whilst the first Pax was revolutionary, the second iteration blew it all out of the water. We’re talking about lip-sensing tech and beautiful stainless steel heating chambers. Many of the issues its predecessor faced have been turned on their head. What’s more? It is now super affordable.

Remarkable 2-hour battery life

For a product of its tiny build. The Pax 2 really does go a long way. You get 2 hours out of the thing. It is smaller than a power bank! This is all thanks to the clever onboard computer that has an auto-cooling feature as well as the nifty little lip sensing technology feature that has become synonymous with the word Pax.

Stylish and Elegant

There’s no denying it. Pax vaporizers are the most beautiful out there. They could easily be on the front cover of Vogue in the hands of Gwyneth Paltrow. This certainly is a glamorous way to vape. Now that vaping has become more mainstream, this was one of the products that helped to pave the way towards making vaping fashionable and not just for stoners and nerds. Not that we stoners and nerds have gone anywhere… it’s still our zone too!

Key Features

Four unique temperature settings

Smartphone app for extra functionality

A massive upgrade from the Pax 1

Lip and Touch sensing technology

Super easy to keep clean


  1. Easy to use
  2. Extremely compact
  3. Completely isolated airpath


  1. Gets warm to the tough after continuous use
  2. Needs to be cleaned regularly to keep a good flavor
  3. Leaves a bit of a smell when in use

9. The DaVinci Miqro

The Miqro from Davinci is effectively the smaller cousin of the IQ. Sometimes people want to be portable. And then there are the people that want to be SUPER portable. This is what the Miqro does for you. It’s got the same stylish form as the original just in a more compact package, 33% compact to be precise.

Ultra-Portable Size

This truly is amongst our favorites due to its amazing portability. We love it when manufacturers are able to downsize without losing out on the results. This is, in fact, one of the most portable portable vaporizers on the market. This is great if you are a solo vaper who is constantly traveling. If you are looking for something to pass around, you may wish to take a look at the IQ.

Removable Battery

We can sit here and talk to you about all the things that the Miqro does. But a lot of them would be similar with the IQ because they are so similar. One aspect that we think gives the Miqro something special is the removable battery. This is not something that is common amongst all vaporizers. In fact, there are very few on the market. 

You may be wondering why this is important. Well, if you are someone who likes to go on hikes or any kind of adventure, you are probably wanting to purchase an ultra-portable vaporizer to take with you. The problem with ultra-portable is that the batteries are smaller which means they don’t last quite so long on a single charge. Having swappable batteries makes this not an issue at all. This is why we’re glad that DaVinci has gone the extra mile and thought about the context of use.

Key Features

Removable battery 

33% smaller than the IQ

5-year warranty

Heats up in 60 seconds

Anodized aluminum shell


  1. Ultra portable
  2. Removable/replaceable batteries
  3. Nice tasting vapor


  1. Short battery life
  2. LED lights can be hard to read
  3. Does not produce dense clouds

10. The Arizer ArGo

The first word that springs to mind when you look at the Arizer ArGo is; cute. This cute little portable dry herb vaporizer has a stylish screen that helps you take full control of your temperature and more. It is discrete, well designed, and extremely affordable. What more could you ask for? 

Fits easily into the smallest of pockets

This remarkable little device is barely larger than a lighter. That doesn’t mean it's not capable. This is the Arizer we’re talking about! The ArGo has all the features you would expect from a larger portable vaporizer but packed into a smaller body. 

This is our vaporizer of choice when we’re going on little mini expeditions and adventures. It features a retractable glass stem that allows you to enjoy pure and comfortable hits, without impacting the overall portability of the unit. 

Patented Hybrid Heating Technology

In order to achieve the smoothest and most efficient vapor, you have to innovate. This is exactly what Arizer has done. 

Considering how small the ArGO is, they had to think up some whole new techniques. These are so precious, that they went ahead and patented them. You truly do feel like you are getting the maximum potential out of your herb when you use the ArGo. 

It utilizes a cyclonic airflow action over a ceramic heating element that cools thanks to the pure borosilicate glass vapor path. Once it reaches your mouth, it’s smooth, tasty, and fresh. The hybrid heating method uses the speed and directness of conduction heating with the consistency and power of convection to create vapor that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Key Features

2-year warranty 

Tiny and adorable

Extremely easy-to-use

As portable as you get

Swappable battery


  1. Allows for precise temperature control
  2. Uses hybrid heating
  3. Perfect for the pocket


  1. For personal use only, does not work well with larger groups
  2. Not as powerful as other Arizer products
  3. Take longer than others to charge

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