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7" Stax Beaker Base - Clear

This is the Official Beaker Base from Stax. The base stands at only 7€ tall


When I seen this base for the first time, I was so intrigued on how it works, when you add in your own attachments it works a charm. The attachments you need to add is the neck glass attachment to turn the base into a bong. The neck glass attachment has to be a 34mm piece so it will fit into the female joint on the base. And if you what you can add your own bowl to the base as well if it€™s a 14mm piece.

How to clean your beaker base

Cleaning your beaker base is pretty easy, all you will need is three things, Isopropyl Solution, Fresh Water and Paper Towels. All you have to do is mix the Isopropyl Solution and the water into a jar, pure the mixture into the base of the bong and give it a good swirl until the coloring and dried product has being removed. Instead of throwing the mixture down the sink, pour it back into the jar that way you can leave the bowl in the solution and leave it for an hour or so, take it out and leave it sitting on the paper towels. Then rinse and dry off. Remember the cleaner the base the cleaner the smoke is.

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