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7" Stax Halo Perc Filter

This is the Official Halo Perc Filter by STAX from GRAV Labs. This glass piece is made out of Borosilicate Glass.

7" Stax Halo Perc Filter Technical Spec
  • 7" Tall
  • Male / Female Joint Type
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Fits Any STAX Base
  • 65mm Tubing
  • 34mm Joint Size

7" Stax Halo Perc Filter Features

The Halo Perc Filter has both a Male and Female joint type, you can add attachments to this piece to make the ultimate bong.

Cleaning the Halo

Cleaning the Halo is pretty simple, all you need is some Isopropyl Alcohol, Fresh Water and Paper Towels. Mix the two Isopropyl Alcohol and the Fresh Water together in a jar thats 7" or bigger, then place the Halo Perc into the jar and leave until the colouring and any dried products are removed, take out of the solution and rinse under a tap, then dry it with the paper towels.

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