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This is the Official AK47 KLEAN KUT by Killer Bongs , this is by far one of their most innovative and popular glassware so far. The bong is made from Acrylic which means you can store the bong anywhere you want and not have to worry about it breaking as its shatterproof. 

The best thing about this bong, is the way it comes with a Ice Twist, this will allow the user of the bong to put in some ice cubes which will give you nothing but cool, smooth hits.

Cleaning the bong

When it comes to cleaning the AK47, all you have to do is put it into the dishwater as its dishwater friendly, when it comes to the bowl of the bong if you mix some Isopropyl Alcohol Solution and Fresh Water together in a jar and leave the mouthpiece to sit in that for an hour or so, this will get rid of any coloring or dried product. When the hour is up, take out the mouthpiece and dry it off with some paper towel.


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