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Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

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A Quick Intro

Since their arrival on the market in 2013, Dr. Dabber has set its mission to innovate and revolutionize the way we vaporize concentrates. Thanks to relentless research and development by the team at Dr. Dabber, they’ve managed to create a catalog of portable vaporizers that are as reliable as they are effective. 

The Boost EVO has refashioned how we view portable concentrate consumption. The Boost EVO was created solely for one purpose: to deliver the perfect dab. It’s fair to say Dr. Dabber certainly delivered on this objective. 

Unlike any other e-rig you’ll find, the atomizer sits beneath the glass bubbler allowing vapor to travel directly into the water for filtration and cooling. This is but one of many incredible features contributing to forming one of the best electric dab rigs we’ve ever seen, and that any dab aficionado is sure to love. 

How To Use The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO?

Not only is the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO boast a lavishly unique design and phenomenal vapor quality, but it’s also incredibly user-friendly, too. It’ll be super easy to get started for novices and veterans alike. We’ve highlighted some of our best tips and practices for getting going with the EVO Boost.

1. How To Operate The The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO?

To begin, put the Boost EVO on a charge until the battery is full which will take approximately 2 hours. Once this is completed it’s time to get going with the first session. 

Remove the magnetic water bubbler from the unit to expose the chamber and place concentrates in the atomizer. Place the bubbler back on the unit and fill it with a little water. 

To cycle through the 6 heat settings press the main button three times, at which point it’ll take 10-15 seconds to heat up depending on the temperature you’ve chosen. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality?

To get the best vapor quality from the Boost EVO, some experimenting with each setting is required. 

The Boost EVO also features a carb button that acts in increasing the airflow into the rig. It sits perfectly for users to press with their thumb while taking dabs, so it’s easy to get the perfect rip. 

3. How To Clean It?

Cleaning and maintenance of the Boost EVO are simple and crucial to the performance of the unit. To keep the glass bubbler looking and performing at its best add some isopropyl alcohol inside and swish it around ensuring to close up the holes so the liquid stays in the piece. It’s only water and vapor that pass through it, so it won’t be as often as other rigs. 

The atomizer will also require some attention, on a slightly more frequent basis. It’s important to use isopropyl-soaked cleaning swabs to clear leftover residue that could otherwise negatively impact vapor quality. 


Dr. Dabber has consistently provided the highest quality portable vaporizers on the market since 2013. Their catalog of products has received industry-wide accreditation and acknowledgment as the top-of-the-range. 

The Boost EVO’s quality is embodied by its vapor quality and craftsmanship. The various elements of the Boost EVO connect via magnetic connections, giving a luxurious and durable feel to the unit. The superior level of vapor quality is the icing on an already magnificent cake. The Boost EVO is the epitome of class and elegance. 

Temperature Settings

There are 6 different temperature settings for users to cycle through between 500 - 700°F, increasing in 50-degree increments. In true Dr. Dabber style, each of these heat settings is represented by a different color LED that shines once the setting has been selected. These colors are in order of progressive heat: violet, green, blue, turquoise, orange, and white. 

The higher settings focus more on cloud production, while the lower settings mostly on preserving the flavor of your concentrate. As you’d expect, the middle settings provide beautiful combinations of the two. 

Battery & Power

Any high-end portable dab rig requires a large powerful battery to support its expert function. The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO certainly doesn’t fall short in this area. Its phenomenally sized battery charges rapidly in under 2 hours and will support up to 60 hits on a single charge. 

Yet another indication of the Boost EVO’s quality is the pass-through charging feature. Users need not fear the dreaded moment that the Boosted EVO runs out of battery. Using the included charging cable will allow users to use the device while it’s plugged in and charging. 

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also an auto-shut-off feature that activates after 15 minutes of no use. 

Glass Water Bubbler

The Boost EVO, like all of the finest e-rigs, features a glass water bubbler that sits directly on top of the atomizer for the vapor to travel through. As the concentrate begins to heat the vapor rises to begin the process of filtration and diffusion through the water. This expertly cools the vapor, smoothening it, and resulting in second-to-none dabs that’ll keep you coming back for more. 

Innovative Cap Button

Unlike anything we’ve seen before, the EVO Boost features a cap button that acts in the same way we’d expect a traditional carb cap to. The button, when pressed, increases the airflow into the EVO to boost the amount of vapor being produced and contribute to smoother dabs. 

Who Is The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO For?

If you haven’t already gathered, we’re pretty crazy about the Boost EVO. For a device to so perfectly combine quality in design and performance is rare, so we were delighted after finding this out for ourselves. 

The unit is completely portable and even comes with a stylish carrying case for the whole kit to travel anywhere with you. It’s on the more expensive side, as you’d expect from an e-rig of this quality, but you certainly get what you pay for, and more. It’s a device for the true veteran connoisseurs out there, looking to add a piece of luxury to their collection.

Who Is The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Not For?

We’ve only had positive things to say about the Boost EVO so far. So what about the drawbacks? 

While it’s a great device, there are elements to its function that may make it unsuitable for certain users. The most obvious of these is its sole compatibility with concentrates. This makes it less appealing for those who love vaping their dry herbs. Unfortunately, they are not compatible with the Boost EVO so if this is something that applies to you, you may be better off looking elsewhere. 

Compare With Other Products

Dr. Dabber Switch

The Switch is another revolutionary piece of hardware by the formidable Dr. Dabber. The Switch is very much comparable to the Boost EVO in function. It’s a battery-powered, portable electric vaporizer producing top-of-the-range vapor consistently. The Switch is slightly larger than the Boost erig thus containing a larger battery, and also boasts compatibility with dry herbs and concentrates. Users can seamlessly alternate between the two with the click of a button, either activating oil mode or leaf mode.

G Pen Roam

The G Pen Roam is an innovative portable dabber with an internal water bubbler. This offers unrivaled portability eliminating the fear of glass smashing while using the device on the go. 

Just like the Boost EVO, the Roam has multiple heat settings to choose from and an LED screen displaying battery life and the temperature of the device. 

What Is In The Box

  • 1 x Dr. Dabber Boost EVO
  • 1 x Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Quartz Atomizer
  • 1 x Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Replacement Glass Attachment
  • 1 x Dr. Dabber Boost EVO USB-C Charger
  • 1 x Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Quick Connect Adapter
  • 1 x Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Loading Tool

Tech Specs

Compatible With Concentrates
Pass-through Charging Yes
Atomizer Quartz
Battery Length 60 Dabs
Charging Time 2 hours
Auto Shut Off Yes
Water Bubbler Yes
Dimensions 7.75-inch (with bubbler) 
Temperature Settings 6 Settings (500 - 700°F)


The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO comes with a 1-year warranty. The warranty covers the battery, charger, and the Boost heating element. The EVO is an exquisitely crafted piece of hardware so we don’t think you’ll need the warranty, but it’s there for peace of mind regardless. 

Dr Dabber EVO - Staff Review

As a concentrate fan, it doesn’t get much better than the Boost EVO by Dr. Dabber.

After much thought and deliberation, I decided to take the plunge and invest in the Boost EVO after my previous rig had passed its sell-by date. 

At first impression, it’s a superbly well crafted, lavish portable electric dab rig. This luxury embodied by the stylish carrying case and beautiful design. What I loved was the ergonomic design of the Boost EVO compared to other models on the market. It fits perfectly into the palm of my hand, allowing me to access both the cap button and power buttons with ease while using it. The angled mouthpiece is another touch of class, making taking those smooth rips as easy as you could wish for. 

The unit itself is very straightforward to use and get the hang of. The atomizer is simple to fill with concentrates by removing the glass bubbler that magnetically connects to sit directly on top of it. The temperature settings are easy to access too using the main button on the body. I prefer the lowest setting as it focuses more on flavor than cloud production. However, I found that using the cap button while on this setting will still help produce some great clouds! 

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the latest addition to my collection. It certainly wasn’t the cheapest dab rig I could have gone for, but there’s no doubt it’s the best. 

Dr Dabber Boost EVO FAQ's

Q1: What Can You Use With The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO? 

The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO is a portable electric dab rig compatible solely with concentrates. You’ll be able to use just about any concentrate with the device, however, the higher the viscosity the better. Sadly, the Boost EVO cannot be used with dry herbs. 

Q2: Can You Adjust The Temperature On The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO? 

The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO boasts 6 different temperature settings ranging between 500 - 700°F. Each setting increases by 50 degrees and is accessible by pressing the main button on the unit 3 times once it’s been switched on. Each heat setting will also be color-coded to a specific color LED light, so you’ll always know what setting you’re using. 

Q3: Is The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO User-Friendly? 

Considering the complexity of the device and its function, it’s super easy to use. The main button on the body of the unit is used to turn it on, cycle through different settings, and enter stealth mode. Once the atomizer is filled with concentrate, and the water bubbler with water, the only thing for the user to do is to wait 15 seconds to begin their session.

Q4: Does The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Have Good Battery Life? 

The battery life of the Boost EVO is more than sufficient for a device of this size. It’ll charge rapidly, taking just 2 hours to reach full capacity that will provide up to 60 hits per charge.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

CAD $329.95