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Haze V3 Replacement Glass Mouthpiece

The Haze V3 has been discontinued. The Firefly 2 is similar to the Haze V3. The Firefly 2 vapes both dried products and concentrates. The Firefly 2 has one of the coolest looks on the market. Mixing sleek and stylish design with a retro feel! Check out the Firefly 2 Vaporizer here.

A replacement glass mouthpiece for your Haze V3 vaporizer. New tip design allows the mouthpiece to be easily removed from the air path for proper cleaning and enhanced shape allows you to adjust the height for your preference. Can be stored in the air path when not in use.

Compatible with Haze V3 Vaporizer only. Not compatible with earlier models of Haze.


  • 1 x Haze V3 Replacement Glass Mouthpiece

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