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Homegrown grinder

These are some of the highest end grinders on the market right now. The Homegrown by Cali Crusher is a true beast of a grinder, able to cope with whatever material you throw at it, able to slice cleanly without crushing no matter how dense the dried product material.


They are made of full-on areospace medical grade aluminum and come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty so you know these things are built strong. The sifter screen is attached with a hex screw to make removable for cleaning or to upgrade to a finer gauge if you want to. The novel teeth design is one of the key features to this grinder, when you twist the grinder in one direction they are designed to ensure it never gets bound up with the material, it just slices cleanly every time you use it, and then when it is twisted in the other direction it is designed to fluff up the material and make it the perfect consistancy. It really can do it all.

They've also made the base chamber deeper so it can hold more material before needing to be emptied.


Lastly, they include a guitar pick scraper to make it as easy as possible to get your reclaimed product out of the base section. Designed and made in San Francisco and one of the best grinders available, what are you waiting for?

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