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Tower 60  & 40 Klean Kut

This is the Official Tower 60cm & 40cm Bong by Klean Kut, This bong has a classic look about it, it doesnt have any cheap trills to get the sales of it up. These get sales as the build really good bongs. And a good bong doesn't have to consist of mad designs and all that. 

How to clean the bong

Cleaning this bong is simple, all you need is Isopropyl Alcohol, Water and Paper Towels. Mix the Isopropyl Alcohol and the water together in a jar or a glass, then pour the mixture into the bong, give it a good swirl around the base of the bong, keep swirling until all the coloring and dried products are gone. Then pour the mixture back into the jar/glass and use the leftover mixture for the bowl, leave it there for an hour or so. take it out and dry it off with some paper towels. Remember the cleaner the bong is the cleaner the hits are. 

What’s in the box?

  • 60cm (24") acrylic water pipe
  • 40cm (16") acrylic water pipe
  • 12mm flower bowl
  • Downstem
  • Base

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