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Large Steamroller | Marley Natural

Marley Natural has taken yet another design classic and given it a stylish twist with their large steamroller. These pipes are made for those smokers who love to be able to produce huge clouds and have a good throat/lung hit at the same time.


The main body of the pipe is manufactured from a high-quality borosilicate glass which is highly resistant to heat so you won't have to worry about accidentally burning yourself on it after use. The mouthpiece is made of a sustainably sourced American black walnut wood which has been shaped to maximize comfort. In true steamroller fashion, the opposite end is open to acting as a huge carb hole. Simply cover this with a finger or hand before inhaling and release at the end of your hit to clear the pipe with fresh air.


The 2 piece design makes keeping your Marley Natural steamroller clean as easy as can be. Simply slide the parts apart and clean the glass using a little isopropyl alcohol and a brush. For the mouthpiece, an occasional clean with a pipe cleaner will be enough to stop any unwanted build-up from forming inside.

The Marley Natural steamroller comes beautifully presented in a box which includes a matching black walnut stand to place your pipe on between hits and when not in use.


6.75 x 1 inches

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