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Marley Natural - Smoked Steamroller

This Smoked Glass Steamroller from official Bob Marley brand, Marley Natural, is a brilliant pipe for taking out with you on those impromptu smoking sessions.


The slimline glass body has been skillfully crafted using borosilicate glass, known for its ability to withstand high temperatures and its durability. A unique thumb-press bowl gives you enough space to pack in a generous amount of your favorite dried products and also provides better air circulation so those big hits are easier to achieve.


2 feet have been placed on the bottom of the pipe to make loading easier, with no worry of your pipe rolling away and smashing. In true steamroller fashion, the body of the pipe is hollowed end to end, creating a carb hole so you can clear every last bit of smoke in a split-second, perfect for when you're in a hurry. The smoked glass finish lets you watch as the smoke plumes through the pipe, giving it an extra smokey appearance.

Stylish golden decals accentuate the steamroller for a classy finish. For longer journeys where you don't want to risk breaking your pipe, you can use the box supplied which is perfect for storage or gifting to a friend.

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