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The Puffco Peak Vaporizer Canada

The Puffco team has built a reputation for itself as leading innovation in the portable vaporizer market. The Puffco Peak vaporizer is the first desktop vaporizer by Puffco. With an array of popular products on the market, Puffco has transferred all features we know and love into this beast. Standing at 7-inches tall with a 2.75-inch base, the Puffco Peak is on the smaller side for a desktop vaporizer.

This comes at no hindrance to performance, however, it really can pack a punch. Its carrying case allows for it to be taken anywhere you go with ease!

The Puffco Peak vaporizer has been created to attend to our desktop dabbing needs. It boasts super-fast heat-up times, modern design style, and vapor to die for!
The Puffco Peak is a luxurious product designed for both beginners and experts alike, sturdy to hold, and features a stylish glass top. It's a piece that will surely impress all of your friends.


1. Temperature Presets

As we’d expect from a device as complex as the Puffco Peak, it has various temperature presets. To be precise, the Peak has 4: 232°C, 260°C, 288°C, 316°C. These heat settings come preset, and you can cycle through them to suit your preference. Each heat setting provides its own unique experience; so whether its taste or vapor density, the Peak has you covered.

If that isn’t enough for you, this next part certainly will be. The Peak monitors the temperature constantly, adjusting heating times in calibration. For you, this means consistently smooth and flavorful dabs every single time.

2. Sesh Mode

Now on to the almighty Sesh Mode. Those familiar with other Puffco products will have encountered this before. It’s something we’ve seen featured on other models such as the Puffco Plus, for example.

By enabling Sesh Mode, you activate the Puffco Peak to fire heat at your concentrate-filled chamber for 15 seconds. During which time you can enjoy unlimited, hands-free dabbing like never before. Sesh mode really comes into play when with friends, allowing you to pass around the Pro easily.

3. Velvety Vapor

So we’ve spoken about the temperature presets, and about that amazing Sesh mode, but what about the vapor? In today’s market, multiple vaporizers produce huge clouds; in a lot of these cases, quality suffers as a consequence.  Not with the Puffco Peak. The ceramic chamber helps to burn your concentrate as easily as possible before water filtration.

The process of water filtration helps to cool the smoke, dispersing it as it passes through the liquid. Astonishingly, the Puffco Peak vaporizer manages to maintain smoothness on even the highest temperature setting with huge amounts of vapor.

4. Innovative Design

Now we’ve discussed all the internal features, let’s talk about that amazing exterior. The Puffco Peak boasts an impressive and modern design, crowned by a strong glass cone.

The glass is made from super-strong borosilicate glass and holds the water which helps filter the vapor. Its transparent nature allows you to watch the magic unfold. Behold as your vapor passes through the water and fills the glass cone before you inhale. This is a sight you will never get tired of.

The black base which holds the cone and chamber acts effectively as a means of stability while you take those game-changing dabs.

Technical Specifications

Puffco Peak Concentrate Dab Rig


Desktop/Portable Vaporizer

Power Source:



30 Sessions


Ceramic, removable



Rechargeable battery:


Temperature Settings:

232°C, 260°C, 288°C, 316°C


Height: 7 Inches, Base: 2.75 Inches

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Puffco Peak Vaporizer
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 4 x Cleaning Swabs
  • 1 x Tether
  • 1 x Loading Tool
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Ceramic Bowl & Carb Cap

How To Operate the Puffco Peak?

1. How to Use the Puffco Peak?

Using the Puffco Peak vaporizer is straightforward. First things first, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve fully charged the device before first use. This should take approximately 2 hours. The next step is to fill the glass cone with water, ensuring that it’s separate from the base. Hold down the button to turn on the Peak. Use the main button to cycle through the temperature settings picking one which suits your preference. Now you need to fill that chamber! Remove the cap and cold-load your chamber with your material of choice. Place the cap back on the chamber, and double-click the button to begin heating. You’ll know when the heating process is complete; it takes around 20 seconds and the lights will flash 3 times too. All that’s left to do is enjoy those smooth, tasty inhales.

2. How to Clean the Puffco Peak?

There’s no playing down the importance of keeping your Puffco Peak clean and maintained. It’s wow factor stems from luscious vapor and great aesthetics, and cleaning will ensure this never changes. As was the case with setting up your Peak vaporizer, cleaning has been made a simple process. All you’ll need is a small cup for soaking, the cleaning swabs, and some rubbing alcohol. Rinse the glass cone with warm water and isopropyl alcohol to combat any stains while using the swabs to clean the chamber of any residue.

Staff Review

I’ve been a fan of Puffco since they first burst onto the scene. So as you can imagine, when I heard about the Puffco Peak vaporizer I was very excited. As someone who has been dabbing for years, I can appreciate non-electronic, traditional dab rigs. The other e-rigs I had experienced before the Peak were unreliable and harsh to smoke. It was time to step things up a notch.

The setup of my Peak was simple and didn’t take long at all. After a two-hour charge to make sure the battery was at optimum performance, it was ready to go! I used the loading tool to scoop my concentrate into the ceramic chamber and chose my temperature to begin heating. I chose the lowest setting to maximize the flavor of my delicious, and expensive, concentrate. After 20 seconds the Peak had heated up fully and I began taking my first dab. I was not disappointed. The vapor was smooth, cool, and it complimented my concentrate perfectly. Next, Sesh Mode. I clicked the home button twice to activate sesh mode and spent the next 15 seconds passing the Peak between my friend and me. We were able to take a couple of hands-free dabs each which was really cool.

The overall experience of using the Puffco Peak for the first time was positive. It was easy to use, it’s easy to clean, and it meets all of my needs. Its carrying case is great - size-wise it can fit into any handbag and is light enough to take anywhere. The speedy charge time and heat-up times mean less frustrating waiting around, something that’s always welcome. It is on the pricey side, but anyone seeking an experience of pure luxury should look no further than the Puffco Peak.

Puffco Peak FAQs

Q1: What makes the Puffco Plus a good vape?

With so many innovative and defining features, it’s difficult to choose just one. The Puffco Peak changed the way we look at concentrate vaping. It’s speedy heat-up time, unrivaled aesthetics, and undefeated vapor quality make it the perfect choice for anyone!

Q2: Who should buy the Puffco Peak?

The Puffco Peak really is suitable for any vape enthusiast. It is simple to use and clean, perfect for a dabbing novice. Meanwhile, its ability to deliver top-quality vapor will impress even the most experienced connoisseur.

Q3: Does the Puffco Peak have a warranty?  

Yes. The Puffco Peak comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase - although, we don’t think you’ll need it.  With amazing product development and design comes durability and performance. Just sit back, inhale, and enjoy.

Q4: Does the Puffco Peak have a good battery life?

The Puffco Peak vaporizer boasts a rapid charge time of just 2 hours. Accompanied by a super-fast heat-up time, the Peak won’t ever have you waiting long!

Q5: Is the Puffco Peak good value for money?

It’s fair to say the Puffco Peak’s price is reflective of its quality. Not the cheapest vaporizer of its kind on the market, but undoubtedly one of the best. If you’re looking to splash some cash on a top-quality vaporizer, the Peak is a perfect choice.

Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak

CAD $369.99