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Tabletop 40

This is the Official Tabletop 40 & 60 by Killer Bongs, Killer bongs are known for there Killer Bongs. This bong is handmade from high-quality acrylic in Germany. The bong is fully black with red trimmings around the top, the bottom and around where the bowl goes. This is a Straight, simple and to the point bong, perfect for your daily hits after a long day. 

The best about the bong is that its acrylic which means that the bong is dishwasher friendly so cleaning it is so simple. The only thing you will need to wash out is the bowl as they tend not to be dishwasher friendly. 

Storing the bong is simple because the bong is made from Acrylic which in most cases mean that the bong is shatterproof so you can store it in high places and worry that it might fall and smash. 


What’s in the box?

  • 40cm acrylic water pipe
  • 12mm flower bowl
  • Downstem
  • Base
  • Grommets

Need Help ?

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